Who will win it all this season?

I think it's high time to change the tone of some fanposts. With all the doom and gloom that is so prevalent in this site lately (and with good reason) I think it's time to change the subject from "fire the coaches, bench the QB, TANK FOR TEDDY" talk to something a bit more positive.

Now we all know, or at least should know, our beloved Vikings won't be heading to the Meadowlands next February. At 2-8-1 even a .500 season is now out of the question. So I pose the question to everybody on the site, who wins the Super Bowl?

That's a bit tougher than you may think to figure it out. There are a couple favorites out there who seem to be above the rest, but midseason favorites rarely take home the hardware. Heck, in the last 11 years, only 2 top seeded teams have gone on to win the Super Bowl. That is bad news for Seattle or Denver (assuming they are the best teams in their respective conferences at this point). That's also good news for lower seeded teams. Teams who play on Wild Card Weekend in the last 7 season have won the Super Bowl 5 times. Its all about teams who get hot (and healthy) at the right time. With that in mind, let's look at the current playoff picture.

AFC Division leaders: Broncos, Colts, Patriots, Bengals.

In the hunt. Chiefs (at 9-2, all other teams are 5-6 on the list) Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, Titans, Ravens, Steelers

More or less the AFC Playoff picture is pretty well set, except the 6th seed, Which is wide open. The only thing I see that could possibly change is the Ravens or Steelers getting hot and overtaking the Bengals For the AFC north. All in all i think the current playoff picture in the AFC being the one that holds, where the seeding goes as follows

1. Broncos

2. Patriots

3. Colts

4. Bengals

5. Chiefs

6. Chargers

I picked the Chargers as the 6 seed based on the play of Rivers at QB this season. He is having a career year. I don't see them doing much damage in the playoffs though.

AFC Playoffs.

Round 1

Colts over the Chargers

Chiefs over the Bengals

No Surprises there. The Chiefs are a team that can make a deep playoff run, as long as they play a team that does not feature a potent offense. The Colts are sort of an enigma. At times they have looked to be part of the class of the AFC, and then they get blown out by teams like the Rams and Cardinals. I dont think this team is equipped to make a deep run. Say what you want about Andrew Luck, he is still a sophmore QB. He needs to grow a couple more seasons, then the Colts will be the class of the NFL.

Round 2.

Broncos over the Chiefsers

Patriots over the Colts

Little surprise here. As I stated earlier, the Chiefs cant keep with a team like the Broncos. Tom Brady > Andrew Luck at this stage.

AFC Championship Game

Patriots over Denver

You think last nights game was a fluke??? The Patriots QB and Coach have had Mannings number for most of his career. New England has the QB, Weapons, and Defense to be a Championship team. They will be going to the Meadowlands in 2 months.

NFC Division Leaders: Cowboys AND Eagles, Lions AND Bears, Saints, Seahawks

In the hunt: Packers, Giants, Panthers, Cardinals, 49ers

The NFC is far more muddled than the AFC. 3 of 4 of the Divisions are contested. Nobody looks to want to win the NFC North, Th NFC East is full of bad teams ( which is why I placed the Giants in the hunt), the NFC south has 2 of the 5 best teams in the NFL right now, and the NFC west is the deepest division in football. Nothing looks certain at this point, Even the Seahawks suddenly look vulnerable because of their secondary issues.

I think that the NFC playoff picture goes as follows:

1. Seahawks

2. Panthers

3. Bears

4. Eagles

5. Saints

6. Cardinals

Several surprises here. First is the Panthers winning the NFC south. Since they have played our beloved Vikings, they have not lost a game. They have a signature win against the Patriots and I think are the deepest team in the NFC overall. The Saints could very well win it instead, but I hate the Saints. The Bears winning the NFC North may be a surprise as well. The NFC north is a 3 horse race right now and not one team seems to want to take the lead. The Bears seem to be the deepest at QB, as the backup has played well. If the Packers can get Rodgers back early enough, they may take the division instead. I think the Lions lack maturity and will fizzle out towards the end of the season (they just lost to the Bucs). The Eagles get the nod over the Cowboys based on the QB play. Nick Foles has been the best QB in the NFL for the last month and I see that trend continuing, and Shady McCoy is having a MONSTER season. Whoever does not win the NFC south will be the 5 seed, and its nearly a forgone conclusion that the NFC West will get the 6th Wildcard. I give the Cards the nod over the 9ers based on recent play. The Cards have been playing very well the last few weeks, The 9ers have been hit and miss. I would not be surprised if the 9ers made it instead, I just don't trust them enough to pick them at this point.

NFC Playoffs Round 1

Saints Over the Eagles

Cardinals over the Bears

Not really any surprises here, the Saints have Defense, the Eagles don't. The Cards are a better version of the Bears in most areas, specifically defense.

Round 2

Seahawks over the Cardinals

Panthers over the Saints

The Seahawks are the class of the NFC. The Panthers are deep on both sides of the ball. I like what Riverboat Ron has done with the team this season. I think his "luck" will take the Panthers to the NFC Championship Game.

NFC Championship Game

Panthers over the Seahawks

I think with the combination of the depth problems in the Seahawks secondary and the new nature of "Riverboat Ron" taking a lot of very good calculated risks, This is going to be a good and contested game. Did I mention that Cam Newton is the best athlete in the NFL??

Super Bowl

Patriots Over the Panthers.

It gets pretty cold in Jersey in February. The Patriots are used to playing in the cold. The Panthers are not. Bill Belichick is the class of coach in the NFL. The calculated risks that Riverboat Ron has been taking this season are the same risks that the Patriots have been taking for a decade. Its going to be another close one, but I don't think the Panthers can do in the Patriots again.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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