My 9hr hike to Lambeau for a cold tie

Let me first start off by saying that the Packer fans as hosts are unbelievable, even as a Viking fan. There were some light hearted chirps with bigger chuckles and as tailgating goes and a fan experience it was awesome.

It was a slug fest of a game and as I pointed out to my friends to see just how obvious it was that Ponder is horrible at checking his reads, most of the time looking in only one direction. AP ran hard, so did Toby, but let me tell you no team deserved to win that game.

I have always said that ties are useless and a complete waste, but after watching that game both sides deserved to get screwed. It was ugly other than the RBs. Having said that I don't mind the slug it out hard running style, might have been nice to see some bigger plays... Something tells me the coldest(or 2nd coldest) game ever recorded at Lambeau in November had something to do with it, no Rodgers, the awfully aforementioned Ponder and such.

I recorded a snippet of the Vikings warming up from the first row in the end zone, Patterson and Jennings caught a few balls in front of me and I even got a thumbs ups from Jennings. I'd post it too but I got too excited(drunk) and had my Note 2 pointed all over the place. When it happened I told the old guy beside me that I felt something flutter and he just about spilled his drink, chuckled...he thank goodness knew I was joking as we had formed a strong drunken 5min bond only thickened by verbal tomfoolery.

OMfreakinG!! Those aluminum benches are cold at 21F and I was the only one out our 6 man group that brought extra gloves to sit on. For some reason I was the only one sure the were aluminum. My one pal Miller was fine with hunting gear, but the rest all shat poop-sickles upon return to the hotel.

Friday night in Milwaukee was great, Lake Front Brewery tour, then bars after. Saturday, Goliath servings at ol' Favre's Steakhouse and a $17 cheese platter that some Ron Howard look alike paid for, had us all rolling out the door. Sunday we got to Lambeau at 8:15am and had a great time at Stadium View, outside tailgates, etc.

Oh yeah that slug fest with a meaningless tie was great too, especially with all around us talking, busting out laughing every time I chirped Ponder and anytime anyone chirped any player with reasonable and probable grounds, with a B.A.C. .05-.15 variant no less.

To my man Curchin for getting this trip started, Spitse, Miller, Stanner and the aforementioned Ron Howard look alike Derb for a whale of a time. Thanks again to the fantastic GB hosts even if you are stinkin' Packer fans.

Pma out.

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