Report: Matt Cassel Will Start The Remaining Two Games

Matt Cassel, wins the Wheel of Indecision Sweepstakes! - Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings quarterback Wheel of Indecision lands on Matt Cassel for once and for all.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen just tweeted this interesting blurb out a little bit ago:

So even with a healthy Christian Ponder and an in-season signing of Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel has emerged victorious in the Vikings Quarterback Hunger Games.  And how about that 'no reason to further evaluate Freeman' blurb?  I mean, there isn't.  But still.  That worked out about as well as a mallard flying over Phil, Uncle Sy, Willie, and Jase.


Under Cassel, the offense has been downright respectable.  On Sunday against the Eagles, they exploded for 40 points, and Cassel had almost 400 yards passing.  Cassel, who signed in the off-season as a free agent, signed a two year deal, with the second year a player option.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Cassel will exercise his option to return, it seems pretty evident that neither Freeman or Christian Ponder will be back.  Ponder, who was anointed the starter entering the year, struggled out of the gate.  He suffered a broken rib in the team's third game, was replaced by Cassel against Pittsburgh and Carolina, and then he was replaced by Josh Freeman.

Freeman looked like warmed over ass against the Giants...wait, that would be an insult to warmed over ass...and the Vikings then threw Ponder back in there.  The assumption was that Freeman would be given two more weeks or so to learn the offense, and then his season long audition would begin anew.  That didn't happen.

May I once again refer you to 'no reason to further evaluate Josh Freeman'.

After Cassel stunk it up against Carolina, Ponder played for another five and a half games, until he suffered a poor first half, and a concussion, against Chicago.  Cassel came in and played the second half, throwing for more yards in that half than in any complete game Ponder has played in this year.

The Vikings have gone 3-2 in games Cassel has played, and were it not for the Ed Morelli Seven, they could have very well been 4-1 in those games.

But be that as it may, the Vikings are now going to roll with Cassel until the end of the season.


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