Mock Draft (because this season is unbearable)

Today's game was another example of how this off-season needs to be one of the biggest off seasons in Vikings history if we want to be a decent team in any part of the near future. However, there is talent on our roster, especially one of the best running backs in the history of football. Anybody who knows anything about football realizes the Vikings biggest problem is our Quarterback situation, but there are many other holes. The Defense is atrocious with holes at Cornerback, Nose tackle, Outside linebacker, and defensive end (which was exposed today with our obvious lack of pass rush). Jared Allen is past his prime and likely to be playing somewhere other than Minnesota next year, and Everson Griffen could also be leaving, as he has not signed an extension.

There has been much debate on this site about what should go on in the offseason regarding coaching change also, and Bill O'brien has come up. I love that idea and i think he could do a great job. But a major part of what determines the success (or failure) of the next season is the draft. The Vikings will more than likely be drafting no higher than 8th this year, and i want to know what Viking fans think. So here is my question.

Mock Draft #1

Round One, Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M QB - Can you imagine an Offense with Johnny football under center, a decent offensive line in front of him, Cordarelle Patterson and Greg Jennings on either side, and a still elite player in the backfield? makes for a scary offense.

Round Two, Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State CB/S - The depth at this position coming into this draft could mean a good player falling into our lap in the second round, Joyner is a bit undersized but has good ball skills and hits very hard. Also already has chemistry with former Seminole Xavier Rhodes.

Round Three, DaQuan Jones, Penn State DT - Good size for a nose tackle at 6'3 and 300+ pounds, quick first step.

Round Three, D'Anthony Thomas, Oregon RB - Adding another offensive weapon to come in and develop with Manziel. Extremely fast but also undersized.

Mock Draft #2

Round One, Louis Nix III, Notre Dame DT - Great size and athleticism, could step in and become immediate starter on defense depending on how he comes back from knee injury. Even when he was injured he was the best lineman on the field in most games he played in.

Round Two, AJ McCarron, Alabama QB - Tall, athletic, good arm. Some people criticize and say he was gifted with a great o-line and weapons around him to make him look better which is a possibility but he is a winner and it is hard to argue with results

Round Three, Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma CB - Good athlete and ball skills, again depth at position could cause a good player to fall into our laps

Round Three, Kareem Martin, North Carolina DE - Prototypical size for a defensive end and runs a 4.7 40 yard dash. could definitely help with pass rush

Mock Draft #3

Round One, Khalil Mack, Buffalo OLB - Todd McShay mocked Mack to the Vikings last week and although he is a 3-4 OLB I believe he is a good enough talent to be versatile in the defense we run and make an instant impact

Round Two, Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State - Monster on the offensive line that really pushes people around run blocking, may get blown back on a bull rush pass blocking sometimes though.

Round Three, Zach Mettenberger, LSU QB - Tall athletic QB with an ACL injury that drops him from a late first round/early second round pick. Could be major steal in the draft. Strong throwing arm.

Round Three, Daniel McCullers, Tennessee DT - One of the largest college football players in the nation and just the fact that you have to run around him in a challenge for offenses. Does have bad technique occasionally, stands straight up and tries to rely on power gets him pushed around

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