A few thoughts about what to do with the coach and coordinators..

It's my opinion that there should be a new staff in Minnesota, but did they fail us or did the players?

Offensive Coordinator: The Vikings have scored 43 touchdowns through 15 games this year. For some perspective, that ties them with the Saints.

This leaves me with one question: Why are we screaming for Musgrave's head? The entire season I was practically begging for him to be fired but when I look back on some recent games and the overall production I'm kind of puzzled. Take the Eagles game for example, if you told me before the season started that the Vikings without Peterson, Gerhart, Rudolph, Carlson, Ponder and with a combo of Cassel, Jennings, Asiata 1.7 ypc, and the "Patterson effect" without returning a single kick would score 40+ points on any team.. I would have thought you were insane. Obviously it was a tremendous effort by the players but it was a pretty sound game plan where Chip Kelly was out coached all over the field in every phase of the game.

His decision making and bland play calling have been questionable at times, but look who the quarterbacks have been. How can you get creative when your QBs can't master the simplest of plays? Each game when Cassel/Ponder played well (executed the game plan with minimal turnovers/botched throws) we scored a ton. Why does the 12th best scoring team with a QB carousel want to fire the offensive coordinator so urgently? Obviously, there is room for improvement but maybe its a personnel issue rather than play calling.

It is entirely possible that Musgrave has not put the players in place to make plays or be successful, but I can't really determine that he has/hasn't. However, this offense produced most games this year only to be let down defensively (see: almost every loss this year).

Defensive Coordinator: The worst scoring defense in the league and 17 points away from worst in Vikings history (467 points allowed this season).

I cannot defend the Tampa 2 scheme. It has run its course in the league and I'm tired of seeing it. We don't have the right personnel to run it anyways. The whole "bend but don't break" philosophy is ridiculous. If you do "bend" and you let the other team drive down until you hopefully force a field goal or a punt that likely ends up inside of your own 20, how can you expect your offense to score when they are constantly in bad field position and have their time of possession/number of drives cut short by the excessively long drives of the other team? Also, the Vikings tend to "break" frequently and this defensive scheme is just not aggressive enough to be successful in the NFL (this is why we never get turnovers). Opportunistic defenses can mask poor defensive play.

There are a lot of holes on defense for sure but consider this: With the CBA and the 'no tackling' practices, tackling in the NFL is the worst that it has ever been (cue injuries and scoring more points in previous weeks than ever before). For the Tampa 2 to work, the defense needs to consistently come up and make sure tackles. We all know how that has gone.

I see no reason why Williams should stay the defensive coordinator between allowing late game winning drives and being one of the all time bad defenses. Him and the scheme that he was hired to implement (which Leslie prefers) need to go.

Special Teams: Besides getting faked twice on the same drive against the Browns and some poor kickoff coverage in a few games (Bears-Hester, Ravens-Jones) they have played solid. No other big mistakes really but I have no idea what will/should become of Priefer.

Leslie Frazier: Questionable personnel moves/decisions, game management, etc etc You've all heard it.

While he has gotten support from Peterson and Jennings recently, I have no idea why the Vikings would keep him around. I've always liked him, but I've seen enough. His loyalty to starters/staff that are under performing drives me crazy. This is the NFL, it's a business and a cut-throat league. He needs to take charge of the team, put the right people in place and demand excellence. I'm not sure that he has done any of those things, and I'll be sad yet relieved to see him go.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts on the coaching staff and feel free to combat what I've said or support it! What do you think should happen this offseason?

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