State of the Union for the Viking's franchise? Do fans know what needs to be done?


What is it going to take to bring a championship to this team? Bud Grant is the guy that got real close but since his last title game in 1976 the Vikings have been shut out, fumbled away, taken a knee, dropped a pass or been victimized to lose in the conference game. We all get that you have to have good players and great coaching along with a run of good luck.

Our foundation is the ownership. The lawsuit is troubling but the Wilf's seem to genuinely want a winner. I could be wrong and it may be all about the money but damit-to-hell I think most any owner would look good compared to Red "screw the fans" get rid of Randy Moss McCombs. Wilf was able to swing a deal to keep the Vikings in Minnesota during the process of hammering out a new stadium deal. This process was out of the hands of the casual fan but a key point in our team's future. Trust is the key component in all of this especially since the fans know very little of what is said behind the closed doors.

As an owner they have the right and responsibility to select management which will determine the direction of the team. Out of the gate we got Chilly and I'm going to cut that chapter short. I will grant that when Chilly sold out and went all-in with Favre, it should have worked if he had sense enough to make the most important 2 calls on the biggest plays of the game against the aint's*, that would have propelled the Vikings into a Super Bowl. I think many of the fans were optimistic with the hiring of Frazier. The man was going to get his shot and it seemed fitting that his chance should be with the Vikings. There were just to many obstacles in the way for Frazier to succeed. He was on a short chain from the start and didn't have a shot at the better coordinators. Frazier had a chance to change this up and not doing so will cost him his job.

Frazier never had the talent base that Chilly did, but he had enough to make it work out with some outstanding decisions that he had the power to make. Frazier knew he had to succeed given a one year deal that was a slap in the face after putting together a 10-6 playoff team. There were moves that he could have and should have made but he wanted to stay the course with the crew that he came with, noble but not how your going to win games. The coaching and talent is an endless cycle of tweaking and deal making as it will never be enough.

Ownership needs to keep learning from the two coaches and find the "one" that can elevate this team to be over achievers. Frazier managed this for one year so it is possible. Chilly understood what his team needed to get to the top and he sold out and dam near got it. Lets get it done right this next time.

The GM. Spielman has done some very good things for the team and he has put together some real head scratchers . Spielman needed to step in and insist upon making changes at the coordinator level at the end of last season if he felt there was a problem. We will never know about this and I think this is on the owner. Clean sweep rebuild or the partial job. I could make a strong argument either way but it would be of little value, Ziggy has to be the one to make this call and he needs to get it done right. It will be a very big part of the coaching change and how it works.

Opportunity is here and the franchise is at a crossroads, will it be mired in a Brown's like state for years to come or can the owner of the the team bring in the leadership to take this team to the championship game. We don't get to make the big decisions be we are all vested in the outcome of those decisions.

What is it going to take to elevate this team to the next level of play?



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