I think the Vikings are picking #3 in April and here's why

What a finish to the Vikings/Ravens game! Just amazing. It's a tough loss, but the silver lining is that we didn't crater our draft with a win. In that spirit of accentuating the positive, here's a quick look at where the Vikings are likely to end up come April. I'm predicting that they will pick 3rd, but I think there's a reasonable shot that they'll get as high as #2. And if Ponder continues to sit, I think the Vikings will be tougher to beat. That said, their schedule is a tough one.

Houston sits at #1 right now on the draft board. They play the Colts, Broncos and Titans. Is any game winnable for the Texans right now? It's doubtful, but I think they have a shot against the Titans and maybe, just maybe, can squeak out a win against the Colts, because the Colts sometimes seem "kind of not good." If we lose out, we still need Houston to win two out of their last three. I don't see that happening. Houston picks at #1 in the draft.

The Redskins currently sit at #2 right now, and they stink! I like RG3, but the team is not playing well. The Redskins still have to play the Falcons, Cowboys and Giants. The Falcons vs. Redskins match up is a tough one to call. One of these teams is going to drop a game down the draft order with a win, but what if they TIE?!! Oooh. Now that would be interesting. The Redskins will lose to the Cowboys, but the game against the Giants in New York is winnable. The Giants aren't good, but the Redskins are really bad. It's a toss up between the Redskins and Atlanta winning but I think the Redskins will beat Atlanta, and there's a chance that the Redskins get their stuff together and pull out an upset in New York against a division rival. I think the Redskins drop past the Vikings on the draft boards after playing Atlanta.

Atlanta currently sits at #3, and they teased me today. They lost to Green Bay 22-21 despite leading through most of the game. They stink. Atlanta faces the Redskins, 49ers and Panthers. I think Atlanta loses to all three, but the Redskins game is definitely winnable.

Tampa won today and vaults past the Vikings who are now at #4 in the draft sweepstakes.

The Vikings face the Eagles, Bengels and Detroit in their next three games. I think the most winnable game of the bunch is the Lions, but we just aren't a good team, and I think Detroit beats us. If we win one of these games, we are out of the top 3 and might actually fall quite a ways down the draft boards to as far as #8. If Ponder starts, I don't think that happens, because I think he's a team killer. If Cassel starts, I think there's a decent chance we win a game, but I think its fair to say that we'll still be an underdog in each game we play from here on out.

My predictions for the Vikings draft position come April is:

1. Houston

2. Atlanta (or Washington - which is St. Louis's pick actually)

3. Minnesota

If you want to root for Vikings draft position to improve further, I suggest the following cheering strategy:

Pick Atlanta over Redskins (very possible)

Pick Redskins over the Giants (possible)

If this happens and the Vikings continue to lose, the Vikings end up picking #2 in the draft. And that's actually kind of sad to me. In 2011, we had the #3 pick and missed out on Luck and RG3. In 2013, if we get the #2 pick, I think we still miss out on Bridgewater. So close.

Anyway, picking at #2 or #3 gives us a lot of options. So, being bad is not all bad I suppose... but that really is scraping the silver lining.

To better times... Skol Vikings.

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