Defrosted Thoughts From Sunday's Loss

Now that I am defrosted, here are some thoughts from my first Ravens-Vikings game since Christmas 2005.

1. Snow sucks -- but not as bad as the Vikings' fourth-quarter pass defense.

2. My personal Peterson jinx continues. Meaning, I have now seen Adrian play live three times. The first time, he fumbled twice. The second time, he sprained his ankle and missed 2-plus quarters. The third time, Sunday, he sprained his foot, missed three quarters and got targeted with snowballs by arrogant Ravens fans who he rightfully blasted afterward.

3. Toby Gerhart is the best white running back in the league. However, that means very little, considering he is one of two.

4. Ray Rice, apparently, still plays for the Ravens. Does Haloti Ngata?

5. Joe Flacco is clearly better than Matt Cassel, but definitely not $118 million better than him.

6. I was proud that my wife -- who convinced me to buy the tickets two months ago, even though I preferred to watch the game on our comfortable couch -- did not complain once, even though snow was sticking to her beautifully curled eyelashes and her toes froze sometime in the first quarter.

7. I did not like seeing the look on my wife's face when we took our nose-bleed seats after climbing steep, snow- and ice-covered steps in section 548. The last time she felt this queezy, my son was in her belly three years ago.

8. I loved seeing the look on uninformed Ravens fans' faces after those late Vikings TDs -- as if their precious team was actually going to lose the game. Please. You have clearly never watched Minnesota's patented fold-like-a-tent two-minute defense.

9. If you are a Ravens fan, please don't ever complain about anything -- EVER -- involving your team. You are spoiled. Get a load of this: The Vikings have failed to win five games -- FIVE -- this season by allowing touchdowns in the final two minutes or less. That is F-I-V-E. Think about that the next time you want to gripe about Ray Rice's paltry average per rush while Baltimore advances to another AFC Championship Game in January. You poor things. A Baltimore fan who complains is like Kim Kardashian crying that she isn't well-endowed enough.

10. It was really strange to hear that, after the loss, Minnesota whined about the officiating (which is something I always hate, regardless of acccuracy). I thought the only team that did that was Baltimore.

11. Snow sucks -- but not as bad as the Vikings' special teams coverage.

12. The Vikings' failure to protect another fourth-quarter lead was considerably easier to predict than the forecast, which told us the snow wouldn't start until after kickoff.

13. What do I hate the most about the NFL? I hate the way fans across the league, and most wide receivers, get ticked off when pass interference isn't called after 90 percent of incomplete passes.

14. On the way home, there was a Ravens fan in the back of the shuttle bus we took to the game who loudly proclaimed how he was glad the Ravens tore AD's other ACL and that he will now be done for good. Adrian has no idea how spot-on his criticism was of this particular lot of fans. Keep it classy, Baltimore.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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