Injuries, News...and more injury news

This is THE play that injured sounds like he avoided structural damage. - Patrick Smith

The Vikings have dealt with their fair share of injuries this season, and there was a metric ton of news released today on that front.

With only 3 more meaningless games to go for our Minnesota Vikings in 2013, the team took steps to ensure that we'll have some players ready for 2014 and gave us some updates on a few others. In no particular order, here are some live tweets from reporters who were present at Leslie Frazier's press conference this afternoon, or you can just watch it at

I think this is a great idea considering the state of things. However, with John Carlson having suffered a concussion, I assume that means Rhett Ellison and Chase Ford will get the start against Philadelphia? Suddenly our team feels really thin at tight end.

Well, any hope that Greg Childs might see the field this season have just been dashed. While he was finally practicing in back-to-back days this past week, apparently it wasn't enough for him to crack the 53-man roster. It's too bad, but then again, why not just keep him shut down and continue to rehab for the off-season programs?

That's great. At this point, it probably doesn't matter who starts at QB. I know many here would like to see Freeman get a chance to start during these 3 meaningless games. We'll see if my wildly irresponsible prognostication that Freeman never sees the field again comes true or not. It will probably come down to Ponder or Cassel, and my money is on Ponder the rest of the way (although I'd rather see Cassel personally).

So, at this point maybe it would be wise to keep Harrison Smith on IR? I see no reason to put him back in the fray for 3 meaningless games. I'm sure he wants to compete, same as any player and if he's ready to go that's fine. I have no problem with him returning, but it makes me wonder if he really will or not. It seems that Frazier is very much aware of what's happening right now, especially as it pertains to Peterson:

Yeah, it's possible Peterson sits the rest of the year and we see Toby Gerhart and Matt Asiata pile up a highlight reel for free agency.

All are pretty questionable for Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and I wouldn't be in any hurry to rush any of them back if I were Leslie Frazier. It was also reported that Xavier Rhodes was walking with crutches today, which is never a good sign. It remains to be seen how serious the injuries to Fusco and Gerhart were. But, I remember a time just a few months ago where all of us were knocking on wood that we escaped the Preseason with almost no major injuries and would enter the season nearly full strength. My how a lot has changed since then.

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