Yet Another Offseason Plan

It seems that everyone is posting one of these, so I figure, what the heck. I’ll give it a stab myself.

This off-season plan will deal with three things: players already under contract, free agents, and the draft.

First, the players under contract. Jared Allen needs to have a restructured contract or extension. He is taking up way too much money for someone who is one of the oldest players on our whole team. If we can get his cap hit this year down to $10 or $11 mil, I will be all right with that. K-will needs a new contract too. Say down to a $5 mil hit. That would be fine. Some people are saying restructure Winfield’s contract, but I think that he is taking good money for our best corner. Also, I don’t want to extend his contract, as he is the oldest player on the team, and may not be around much longer. I also think that we need to give Percy an extension, UNLESS he really, really wants out of here. In that case I think try to get a 2014 1st and a low rounder this year. I would like to keep him though. John Carlson will be given another chance on a restructured contract. Another minor issue is Michael Jenkins. I would release him before his roster bonus due. He is too expensive for the minor services he renders. Lastly, I would trade Toby Gerhardt to the Bengals or the packers, whoever will give more (I would also trade Joe Webb, but I don’t think we can get anything for him.

Next, on to Free agency. My major pick-up would be Daryl Smith, who is one of the best 4-3 outside linebackers in the league. He is 31, and coming off a major groin injury, but he recovered for the end of the season. He probably wants to get out of Jacksonville, and thanks to the above factors his price tag won’t be as hefty. I wasn’t able to find any data on if he is the right side or not, so someone correct me if I’m wrong. If I am right, though, he would be a major upgrade from Henderson on the outside and in the nickel. I would resign Brinkley, but only to a prove-it deal. He only has to be on the field for 2 downs, so I keep him in favor of Henderson. Loadholt should stay with a good deal, since he excels at run blocking and we are a running team. I like Sanford, but he probably wants to start, and not here. I would also sign Brandon Gibson. He isn’t the flashiest of WR’s, but he is good enough as a 3rd or 4th guy. Felton comes back, as do the rest of our major Free agents. Not the DA though, he sucks.

Now the draft is on. We have 10 picks in this version, as I gave us Cincy’s 4th rounder. I think there are 2 strategies. We could go WR in the first round to have a guy that is talented, pro-ready, and a #1 wide out. Or, we get a developmental prospect in the second and go Defense in the first. I will include multiple possibilities for each pick. The first strategy is the first line, second strategy the second.

1.23 – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR – DeAndre Hopkins, WR

Kawann Short, DT – Alec Ogletree, LB – Jonathon Jenkins, DT

The first 2 picks are tall, pro ready wide outs that could be #1 on our depth chart. Hopkins is a better route runner, but Patterson is faster. The last three would all improve a key weakness on our defense. The tackles are more likely, as I retained Brinkley.

2.20 - Logan Ryan, CB – Author Brown, ILB – Akeem Spence, DT

Justin Hunter, WR – Quinton Patton, WR

The first strategy can net us either a good, young corner, a middle linebacker for the future to replace Brinkley eventually, or a run stopping nose tackle type. The other strategy gets us a tall, rough, extremely talented wide receiver, or an all around good, but slightly rough, WR.

*I won’t be showing both strategies now, as they are done with their differences*

3.21 - Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB – Baccari Rambo, S – Marcus Wheaton, WR

The third round could net us a young, interesting corner (who is really liked by Todd Mcshay), a nice safety to pair with Harrison Smith, or yet another wide receiver prospect.

4.5 – Gabe Jackson, OL – Corey Fuller, WR – Zaviar Gooden, OLB

4.23 – Keith Pough, LB – Braden Hansen, G – Chris Harper, WR

5.22 – Shaun Williams(not the one the link leads to), SS – Ace Sanders, WR – Adrian Bushell, CB

6.21 – Marquise Goodwin, WR – Cory Grissom, DT - Johnny Adams, CB

7.7 – DeVonte Holloman, SS – Christian Robinson, ILB – Keenan Davis, WR

DeVonte is a cool name. . . ya, just wanted to point that out.

7.23 – Dennis Johnson, RB – Aaron Mellette, WR – Marc Anthony, CB

If you noticed, I identified a possible wide receiver for every one of our picks.

Well, that was fun. What do you think of all this? Leave a comment if you want to say something.

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