Leslie Frazier Speaks About Percy Harvin

In this picture, Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier is angry. Or happy. Or sad. Or frightened. I don't know, you tell me. - USA TODAY Sports

Much like we're doing with the transcript of Rick Spielman's NFL Combine press conference from Thursday, we'll be doing the same for the presser that Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier held at the NFL Combine on Friday. Frazier had interesting things to say on a few different fronts, but we'll start with the topic that has been front-and-center for Vikings fans for the past couple weeks. . .the status of wide receiver Percy Harvin.

Frazier's press conference started with three consecutive questions about Harvin. Those questions are as follows:

How important is Percy to the O?

He's extremely important, as evidenced by the type of season he was having prior to his injury. He's a focal point of our offense, did a great job for us.

When you spoke to him a few weeks back, what did he convey?

He expressed to me that he was healthy, which is something we wanted to make sure of when he came back for his exit physical. And that he was doing well. He was going to go home and spend some time with his family and that he was doing fine. So that was encouraging.

Sense of whether he'll commit to the team and be a part of what you're building?

Well, the fact that he's under contract, he's a part of our team. And he's excited about being a part of our team from my conversations with him. And that's where things are.

Looking at that last question and answer gives me quite a bit of optimism about the subject. It certainly would be nice if Harvin himself would come out and say something at some point rather than just letting the speculation swirl around.

Then again, much like we have Rickspeak, we might also have some Lesliespeak going on here. To be honest, Frazier is so unemotional and so low-key that I'm not sure if he's the kind of person I'd love to play poker against (because, on the surface, he seems completely incapable of bluffing) or if he's the kind of person I'd hate to play poker again (because he could bluff the hell out of you and you wouldn't even remotely see it coming).

But for now, Coach Frazier is saying that Harvin is telling him that he's excited to be a part of the team. Hopefully that turns out to be the case.

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