My 2013 Mock Draft

Okay so I’ll start out by saying I’m new to this whole posting game. The intensity of my interest in the Vikings has continually risen over the last five years. I decided it was time for me to jump in with the rest of you and see how you agree/disagree with my mock draft.

For right now I will dismiss the possibility of trading players for picks in this draft, even though I would love to see them trade Toby and Webb for a total of three picks in rounds 5,6, and 7.

Round 1: Pick 23

I know you are all going to be upset watching this in April, but I feel they should make a trade out of the first round to gather picks. The draft is so deep this year that I don’t think the drop off from bottom of round 1 to top of round 2 will be that great.

My hope would be to trade with Jacksonville (They take all our players off the waiver wire anyway- time to share) for their 2.1, 4.1, and 7.2 picks in this year’s draft. They have a lot of holes to fill and may have specific players in mind.

Draft Picks Available: 2.1, 2.20, 3.21, 4.1, 4.5, 4.23, 5.22, 6.8, 6.21, 7.2, 7.23

Round 2:

2.1 WR-Tavon Austin- I know everyone will complain that he is too similar to Percy Harvin or his draft stock has risen way too much for him to be available at the top of Round 2. We can all dream about seeing Austin and Percy one in slot and one as a hybrid WR/RB with AP in the backfield too, and I don’t see many teams in the playoffs with a huge weakness at WR.

If he isn’t available I believe Keenan Allen will be.

2.20 DT- John Jenkins- We have a glaring weakness at our DT position.

Round 3:

Surprise Trade: Sharing is in style once again. I’d love to see us trade up with Jacksonville again. We would get their 3.2 pick while giving them our 3.21 and 4.5.

Available picks left: 3.2, 4.1,4.23, 5.22, 6.8, 6.21, 7.2, 7.23

3.2- WR Justin Hunter- Of course we could use a LB, or OG but I feel like we want to get the better receivers in the beginning of this draft before we try to get developmental receivers in later rounds. Plus I feel like most of the top LB and OG will be off the board already.

Round 4:

4.1 CB Robert Alford- With only Jefferson, Robinson, Cook, and Winfield as DB’s we need some more developmental players. Cook hasn’t been able to play a full season yet….

4.23 LB Jon Bostic- After the big drop from LB he is the next best one on the board. He posted good numbers at the combine and could jump right in with the Vikings.

Round 5:

5.22 S Zeke Motta- We all know that Spielman has an affinity to ND had to get at least one player in there from them. I also feel that Sanford was better than Raymond but neither of them were great especially since Sanford has bricks for hands at times.

Round 6:

6.8 OG Omoregie Uzzi- We need an upgrade at both guard positions. I am hoping through FA we can get one. This would also be another project player that would hopefully one day take over for Johnson or Fusco.

6.21 QB Collin Klein- I don’t see Spielman wanting to spend the cap space on a FA QB like Moore to have him sit in the backseat. My guess is they will pick up another QB late in the draft to push both Webb and MBT.

Round 7

At this point I see most of the holes the Vikings have either filled by previous draft players or FA acquisitions. I would love to see them bundle their two 7th round picks, both 2 and 23, for a potential 6th round draft pick next year.

Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading

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