Few Low Key Signing's/Players to think about.....

FA is some food for thought.

About this time last year, we were all excited for free agency. We were going to grab Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garçon, a new LT from the *Aints and we were going to be a complete team after a miserable 3-13 season. Well we all sat in front of our computers at the beginning of Free Agency waiting on Spielman to make a move. Waiting......waiting.....and waiting...many top notch names dropped off the board and everyone was screaming at their computer "Spielman you are useless!!!!" "You are a bum!!!!" "We need WR's!" Errrrrrrrrr....wait maybe that was just me.

After a few choice words were yelled out at the top of my lungs, we settled for a guy names WR Jerome Simpson and a TE named John Carlson. Now I realize there are a few other signings that were good, ex. Felton, but I am interested in the signings that we made known as "2nd tier players". I thought to myself this year, who are the players I would like to see signed. Spielman is not a FA big spender so I want to look at the guys who will not command big $$$$$$.

I am assuming Spielman will go into FA the same as he did last year. Make a run but not spend huge amounts of $$$$.

Below are a few players that could make our Vikings offense NOT so vanilla and provide is some yards in the positive direction instead of the negative.

My ideas for signings:

Brandon Lloyd-WR (my favorite that could give us a decent down field threat if/when Pats cut him)

Josh Cribbs (better WR then Micheal Jenkins---has physical attributes to go up and get the ball)

Brandon Gibson (WR that showed flashes of talent)

Legedu Naanee (slot options that showed flashes when in SD)

Austin Collie (incentive based contract in case he gets a concussion from running into the padded Endzone pole)

Danny Woodhead-(RB pass catching RB to help if we lose Percy-----my other favorite "hope" signing)

Reshard Mendenhall (RB that could help AP if he needs a software upgrade/oil changed)

Peyton Hillis (in case we move Toby for draft picks)

La'Rod Stephens Howling (give the cyborg a rest)

Matt Moore (QB Depth)

Matt Cassel (QB depth---vet experience)

David Carr/Jason Campbell (QB Depth)

Now I realize these players are not able to be signed at once. These are a few 2nd TIer players I would like to see in purple for depth as well as there play making abilities. Lloyd and Woodhead intrigue me the most. I am looking to get a few ideas on who we will sign after the big name WR's and FA's sign elsewhere then Minnesota.

I was disappointed last year in FA, so I'm banking on Spielman doing the same this year. Although I do give him credit for nailing last years Draft!!!! One of the best I have seen.

Name a few players in the comments who you would like in purple besides the obvious....Wallace, Jennings,Bowe, and Welker.

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