Draft 2013: Shoring Up the WRs

If the Vikings decide to go wide receiver in the first round, then they pretty much decide their second round pick as well (at least in my fantasy world). As a rule of thumb, teams generally pick the feature receiver in the first and second rounds. Feature receivers possess good size, speed and route-running ability. With the second round pick, the Vikings might want to consider picking up the other style of receiver also, the possession receiver. Picking WR in the first two rounds could prove to be very risky but when you look at what the Vikes have to deal with in their receiving corps it turns out to be a real high risk, high reward scenario.

No guts, no glory.

Round 1: Cordarrelle Patterson – WR

Surprise, surprise… Everyone is saying this one. I am hopeful that Mr. Patterson falls to the Vikes for two reasons:

1. He is a deep-threat, hallelujah.

2. A lot of his highlights show him running from the backfield. Now imagine an end around, reverse or double reverse with him and Harvin. Defenders would sh*t bricks. This is assuming Coach Musgrave deems him useful as "running" receiver, which since the Vikes are a run-first style team, why not? He’s a deep threat and runs the ball out of the backfield very well, and basically a Viking fan’s wetdream.

Round 2: Da’Rick Rogers – WR

Now this is where things get interesting. Rogers is a risk. He has off the field issues and a bit of an attitude problem. But he has talent, no doubt. Is he worth the risk, especially with the second pick? You bet. Another receiver that would fit the possession role would be Aaron Dobson, if Rogers is gone or Dobson outshines him at the combine. I think Dobson is the better possession type receiver but Rogers has more flash.

Round 3: Marcus Lattimore – RB

Oh snap, controversy! What would the Vikes need a RB for, they got the MVPeterson?! Well, if history serves as an indicator of things to come, he won’t be able to keep up his production levels while incorporating such a vicious run style. Ok, understood, but why waist a third rounder on a RB when there are later round projections that would do the team just as well? Lattimore, as I’m sure everyone knows, was gruesomely injured this year and is undergoing rehab to become Lattimore 2.0. He is basically the 3rd down back (he is primarily a feature back) the Vikes were searching for when they drafted Gerhart. There is a good chance, if any, he will sit this season out. Don’t forget, Eric Sugarman is a sorcerer and will make him whole again and with AD as a motivational force, I would love to see what would happen. Need I remind everyone this team is a running team? End of discussion (I saw this idea to draft Lattimore in a post and I could not find it to give that person some credit, speak up in the comments).

Round 4: Tyrann Mathieu – CB

If you have read my previous posts, then you know I am beating this concept to death. The thought of getting second round talent (possibly even first) will be too much for Spielman to overcome. The Honey Badger seems to have critics torn as either an amateur football player or a professional football player. Time will tell, but I think he would definitely replace Marcus Sherels in punt returns and eventually work his way into the secondary lineup. He kind of reminds me of a fearless Winfield-esque player with a ton of upside to be selected in the fourth round.

Round 4: Kevin Riddick – ILB

The kid looks like he has good hands to take down the ball carrier. That being said, his coverage skills are subpar and really at this point he would provide some depth with the possibility of replacing Brinkley. I think the Vikes keep Brinkley around at this point. If they manage either Ogletree or Te’o in the first round then obviously Brinkley will be getting the boot.

Round 5: Brodrick Brown – CB That is all.

Round 6: Omoregie Uzzi – OG **Apparently the Vikings do have a 6th round pick**

He is a quick Guard that has average size. If anything he will be a fresh pair of legs to compete for the position and accelerate Fusco’s play.

Round 7: Brandon Williams – DT

Could this be the reconstruction of the Williams Wall?! No, probably not. But the kid has a motor that doesn’t quite. He is strong and obviously raw but has the potential to be a decent player. If anything, the seventh round would be the round to take a chance.

Sound off in the comments your feelings.

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