Post Harvin Mock

Okay so whether or not you are happy about the Percy Harvin trade, it’s time to stop thinking in the past and to start thinking towards the future.

So here is my new mock draft as well as FA acquisitions for the 2013 season.

Team Resigns:

Fulton, Loadholt, Henderson, Sendejo, Sherels, Jefferson, Berger and

Simpson- 1 year prove it deal again- only because we need WR’s who know the system


Brinkley, Mitchell, Schwartz, Aromashadu


Allen,William, Winfield


Charlie Johnson

FA pickups:

Donnie Avery –WR- Should be inexpensive yet provide depth to a completely lackluster group so far

Brandon Moore- OG- To step in and provide a better Left OG.

Rey Maualuga- LB

Tyler Thigpen- QB

I want to add in a little bit more of value to our draft so I also have a trade for Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb in this mock for a 5th and 7th rounder.

Draft Picks available: 13!

1.23, 1.25 (from Seattle), 2.22, 3.21, 4.5 (from Detroit), 4.23, 5.7 (From Arizona for Toby), 5.22, 6.21, 7.7 (from Arizona from Jefferson deal), 7.8 (From Seattle for Percy), 7.22 (From Washington for Webb + 7th Rounder next year), 7.23

Day 1:

We trade up past St. Louis because I predict they will pick up the player of interest here. ( Lose pick 5.22 to Bengals for 1.21)

1.21 Pick WR Tavon Austin: He is very similar to Percy in versatility. I hope he can somewhat fill the large shoes Percy has left.

1.25 Pick DT Johnathan Hankins

Draft Picks Left: 2.22, 3.21, 4.5, 4.23, 5.7, 6.21, 7.7, 7.8, 7.22, 7.23

Day 2:

Another trade is made for a desired player. This time we trade with Dallas by giving them our 2.22 and our 4.23 for their 2.15.

2.15 Pick WR Justin Hunter

3.21 Jonathan Bostic ILB

Picks left: 4.5, 5.7, 6.21, 7.7, 7.8, 7.22, 7.23

Day 3:

4.5 OG Alvin Bailey- This is a pick to pressure Fusco on the other side.

5.7 Best available CB- We need to add depth to the CBs. We picked up the one CFL player but we have all seen that Cook can’t last a full season.

6.21 RB Kniles Davis

7.7 S Ray Ray Armstrong

7.8 Best WR left- Perhaps Northern Iowa Terrell Sinkfield

Bundle last two picks to a team for a future 6th rounder.

Roster :

QB: Ponder – Thigpen –MBT
RB: Peterson – Davis – Asiata
WR: Austin–Hunter–Avery– Wright – Simpson-Childs
TE: Rudolph – Carlson – Ellison
OL: Kalil – Moore – Sullivan – Bailey – Loadholt – Fusco- Love- Berger

DE: Allen – Robison – Griffen – Reed
DT: Williams – Hankins – Ballard – Evans
LB: Greenway –Bostic– Henderson – Maualuga -Cole
CB: Cook – Winfield – Robinson – 5 Rounder- Jefferson – Burton
S: Smith – Sanford– Armstrong– Blanton

K: Walsh
P: Kluwe
LS: Loeffler

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