Free agent moves that can clear up the vikings draft direction, and continue the theme of not breaking the bank,and compromising the future of franchise.

Hello to all... I will inform you this is my first DN post and i hope you all will bear with me... Over the past few days we have seen many moves with our beloved vikings team, most off them have been good, but some are questionable, and as i plod through numerous posts on here and on any other sites, I am actually shocked at the displeasure of many fans as to the approach of this off season, as in response to our GM's recent moves.. Yes the Percy Harvin move was unexpected, but very good in terms of our franchises devolpment, here, now, and in future years. Yes we all loved Percy and what he brought to the team as in talent, and big play ability, on the field , he was just as much a thorn in the side of the vikings locker room...Any one that has played at any level off football beyond pop werner knows how much of a hinderance a bad seed is when it comes to the locker room, and what the team is trying to do at any given time. No one individual is bigger then the entire team, and team concept, no matter who good your talents are individually.. People that throw hissy fits and tempertantrums have no place, really in an NFL lockeroom, when they dont get their way, or exactly what they want.. Thats why WR's are largely considered as DIVAS, thats exactly what Percy Harvin was
and still is... But as what we got in compensation for him we really made out like bandits, just like we did when we traded down from #3 spot last year and got extra compensation, to move one spot back... A extra first, third next year and extra seventh this year, we are sitting pretty now..

Now on to other moves.... The release of Antoine Winfield... Another great talent, leader,player coach yes, heart and soul of defense, possibly, constant hard worker, willing to give it all on, and off the field yes, intangibles, you know it, but worth 7 million a season now, and at that age NO way, especially when hes only going to play nickelback role, and have his snaps limited.. Yes he was a great leader but, as in regards in that last statement, i will be giving you other options,when it applies to that logic later in this post... Now before you all on here start calling for me to be lynched for my personal views, i will state that we could of handled the situation a little better, (yes Arif ive taken your numerous posts, and have taking them to heart, and you are my favorite blogger when it comes to the vikings, and have taking vikings blogging to a whole new level,) but seriously YOU SHOULDNT BE SURPRISED,much less as heated as you are on this topic, since you will still be a Vikings fan 5 to 10 years from now, when we are still contending for super bowl title, with other corners that will be better then he currently is, really. I've watched him since his time at,( the ohio state university ) since i am a big hawkeye fan and currently and in the past resided in Iowa, and i loved when we signed him away from the bills many years ago. Times change but its sad when buisness decisions, mean saying goodbye to beloved players and coaches, but its part of the biz that we hate the most.. After he tests the market for him in free agency he will also realize that what he thinks he's worth is far different then what others see his value is... Myself like Rick and every other GM out there know hes not worth more then 3 to 5 million a year and 5 is pushing it, for the role he'll play in our system, or anyone elses.

The signing of Matt Cassel..

Alot of people are b&^tCHing about how can we sign such a one hit wonder, and turnover machine that was Matt Cassel in K.C, BUT seriously you could have put anyone thats a qb in the league in K.C and they would have gotten pretty much the same stats with the exception of say, Brady, Manning,Brees , or Rogers. All of which could probablly work with Division 2 WRs and put up great numbers there.. That team failed beacuse of Pollians plans and decisions all around, and as we have seen the complete purge of anyone and everything associated with that regime this off season with the exception of Bowe. So to put it all on Cassell is ridiclous ... I also recall alot of the fans on here were also PRO Cassell coming to the vikings 4 years ago when he was available, proclaiming he would lead us to the promised land, so for those , which you know i am talking about you, need to just be happy we dont have to worry about the backup plan for ponder if he gets hurt, or just sucks it up again, this season.. We have an established vet waiting in the wings.. so just be happy please...

NOW to the resigning of our own players .... Iam gonna make this part short and sweet.... Great job retetaing our own talent base, to reasonable contracts so we dont have 20 holes to fill this offseason..... great depth moves, and resigning of Loadholt and Felton..

On to the title of this post...... FREE AGENTS THAT CAN HELP...

We do now have 11 picks in the draft , and while that sounds like alot, it really isnt... We all know ricks MO, We will only end up with seven actual draft picks, because he likes moving up, or down, and turning lower round picks into future better picks. So going along with that we have to make more than a few moves in this years free agency, unlike last years bargin bin shopping... Yes our future relies on the draft but its not gonna produce 7 plus instant starters or upgrades to our roster, that even in our unlikely playoff run this year we need instant upgrades to our roster in order to compete this upcomming year... As you all know we overachieved this year, nobody saw us comming and we snuck up on alot of teams that didnt take us seriously, this year we wont have that to count on.. People know we are a threat to be takin seriosly and who and what they need to take into consideration, when it comes to our team and players... With all the moves the bears and lions have made on offense we have to get better, faster , bigger on defense to compete or a 5-11 or 6-10 season may be a reality....We couldnt get off the field to save our lives and we are lucky to have the future best RB ever in our backfield returning serve to the opposing offense, despite we had no receivers outside of percy.. So we need to make some decent moves, not splash signings but good smart moves that trim the direction of the draft to managable levels, so we can address our future star players and starters in first 4 rounds of draft...

SO here we go ....

WR... as much as i like jennings comming here he isnt worth anyway near what he wants, and even though he would be a big upgrade in comparrison to what we have now 3yrs and 25 mill is to much for a often injured 30 year old... which is why i didnt agree with the carlson signing last year either... better options are Danario Alexander, cheap, Darrius Heyward Bey also will come cheaply given the rep he has attained throughout his time in oakland , or dominik hickson, ramses barden, or if we want to pony up and give up a 1st round pick Victor cruz.... say what you want but the giants know how to draft wrs so we might as well check these options out unless we want 3 to 4 rookie or 2nd year wrs holding our top wideout spots next year... People wanted mike wallace , but well would be good to take the next best wr that can blow the top off of the defense inDHB... YOU GO 7TH OVERALL IN DRAFT THE POTENTIAL IS THERE you just need a great wr coach to put you in front of jugs machine all off season to make sure you catch the ball, which we btw have in our coaching staff ... but one or two FA wr is a must regardless ... you can always get slot quick twitch wr in draft

LB.... Brad jones, Karlos Dansby, Larry grant all instant upgrades that wont break the bank to go along with greenway and henderson and can help lead the defense... Im partial to dansby just beacuse he is a vet that has dominated at that position for years and has the best leadership qualitys you want in the heart of the D... jONES IS 2ND ON LIST , He is younger but has shown the ability to lead a defense not in the same way but he would be better covering rbs wrs and te's then dansby with all the moves our rivals have made already that we play twice a year but experiance does go a long way, and dansby is a beast people dont want to play at all.. Grants the wild card here, he has the tools but hasnt seen that many snaps playing behind willis in SF, BUT STILL BETTER THEN bRINKLEY, AND ALL OF THEM SHOULD COME CHEAP SINCE THE MARKET HAS BEEN SET NOW AT LB

SECONDARY..... TO replace winfield to tutor dbs we need to go after saftey Kerry rhodes.. one of the better safteys in the league, and given his history in the scheme of leslie, and williams as he did in INDY he would provide the vetern prescence we need and is twice as good as raymond and sanford and pairing him with smith we be a great combo for 2 or 3 years till we are ready to move smith to captain esque role and draft his counter part this draft or next.

RB.... there really is only 2 options that fit our pressing needs as a backup rb behind AP .... WE NEED A CHANGE OF PACE , NON BRUISER back and those are Larod STEVEN HOWLING, and felix jones. both will come at a good price but id prefer LSH over jones beacuse he is a true change of pace back and is one of the better return men in the league, right now... which would help take the sting away from losing harvin...

In conclusion any slots filled at any of these positions with these players will be best at limiting options and direction in draft and give us flexabilty we need for the next upcoming off seasons .....

let me know your thoughts or questions about my first post.... i will be posting complete mock draft and off season plans in more detail later, but i suck at typing and time for bed so tANKS FOR YOUR IMPUT

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