Get over Alec Ogeltree, Seriously!

Yes, I get it - MLB might be our most glaring need at this point. Seeing how Audio Cole is our "guy" and he was barely a special teamer all last year. Unless they plan to move Erin or Chad inside and draft an OLB (hope not).

Alec Ogeltree is the "dumbest" player in this draft will and NOT be a Viking, so please get over him. He had 1 thing to do between his last football game and the combine- stay out of trouble and/or away from situations that could get him into trouble. That could be many things, Drinking and Driving was not one of them. If I was his agent, I would smack him for literally costing himself hundreds of thousands of dollars with one stupid move.

His legal troubles (listed on Wikipedia) are as follows: 2010 arrested for theft, 2013 arrested for DUI. He was charged with DUI days before the combine. The combine was the biggest weekend of his football career, and he couldn't get it through his head to keep his nose clean. He couldn't do that. Thats not something you want to have happen to your star MLB before a big game, right? Nor do we want to be in the Cowboys situation where one player killed another due to drunken driving.

Yea, but can we change him? Why try? Upside or not, headache on Monday-Saturday is not worth a stud on Sunday. Percy Harvin aced the Mary-Jane test (tested positive for weed) right before his combine. We all heard how fun it was to deal with that head case, and unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the head case is gone. He was a jerk Monday-Saturday, but fantastic on Sunday. You could argue that "we changed" Jared Allen- in reality it was his Grandfather/Marine (that JA admitted he is scared of) that straightened him out and he has said this many times via interview.

Others may point to Everson Griffen- which has been solid. He's shaped up, but he was a first round talent with character flaws that affected his draft stock. Yet another player, Christian Ballard aced the Mary-Jane test and he slipped to the fourth round... See a pattern? If Ogeltree is there in the 4th round - heck, yea - take 'em. Low investment in a risky asset. First rounders are too valuable to use on character flaws. Heck, I'd love to see Tyrann Mathieu wearing (Viking) purple and gold and putting the Wilf's money where Mathieu's mouth is and shutting down Megratron, Marshall, and (insert any Pack receiver here) twice a year- via 3rd or 4th rounder (but, I doubt he falls that far).

I understand that no one is perfect, we make mistakes. It happens- I'm far from perfect. But this is the NFL, millions are on the line. Players, coaches, owners, and fans are counting on their players. Players need to be smarter than that. Even regular people get fired from their jobs over DWI's - where they make an average salary and public image and millions aren't riding on them.

I seriously doubt Rick would take the pick he acquired from trading one head case and use it to pick another head case. The Wilfs have stated loud and clear: THEY WANT GOOD CHARACTER! They don't want the headache- if they did, they would have tossed so much money at Harvin couldn't help but shut up. It would have worked, everyone has their price. They didn't, they sent him packing.

Right before the combine, in an interview with KFAN, Rick was asked about his draft board and if any of the players have been taken off during the interview process- he said "yes, one player" - I'd bet it was was Olgeltree. If Rick replaces one head ache with another (via first round pick), then he should be asked to leave town.

Some people will comment and say Monte Te'o is by far the "dumbest" player - well, definitely most gullible, that's for sure. But I doubt he'll get tricked again by another fake GF. Remember, there's the - old saying in Tennessee "fool me once, shame on you... Fool me... fool me... You can't get fooled again" - factor. Further, I'm sure his agent, mom, dad, GM, and NFL coach will see that Te'o is never taken advantage of again. IM NOT SAYING I WANT TE'O- dear god, please no! Just saying his "issues" are probably gone- I'm sure he learned his lesson.

While on the other hand, issues with drugs and DWI/DUI's don't go away as easy. The best way to predict future behavior: look at past behavior. Add in fame and money, a lot more can go wrong. Money + drug habit = more drugs. Fame (aka think you're special and rules don't apply) + Alcohol = think you can drive and no one gets hurt. Its all a formula for future problems.

To reiterate: get over Ogeltree, he won't be a Viking via a first, second, or third round selection.

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