7 Round Vikings Mock Draft

(Combine information and scouting reports from and Walter Football)

(Draft order from Daily Norseman)

First round, 23rd overall: Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

With the trade of Percy Harvin, he Vikings no longer have a big threat coming out of the slot (No I don't consider Jarius Wright a big threat). Now that Greg jennings has been signed, a potential slot receiver could be even more effective. Tavon Austin has been compared to a smaller, less strong version of Percy Harvin. He won't be nearly as versatile as Harvin was, but has the potential to be an even better receiver.

First round, 25th overall (From Seattle): Kevin Minter, Middle linebacker, LSU

Now that Jasper Brinkley is gone to Arizona, we really have no legitimate player at that position. I like Audie Cole, but to ask him to start in his second year is unfair to him and to the team. Kevin Minter is a good linebacker who played on a very good defense for LSU. He has a good motor, good play recognition, and is a solid tackler. His 40 time at the combine wasn't amazing, but he plays much faster on the field.

Second Round, 22nd pick, 52nd overall: Jesse Williams, Defensive tackle, Alabama

With Kevin Williams aging, and no real starter opposite him, defensive tackle is a real need. And what better way to recreate the Williams Wall than adding another Williams? Jesse is a strong tackle, and has good size for a run-stopping lineman. He commands double teams on running plays, and does a good job of filling gaps. He is a little too big to get to the quarterback and isn't quick enough to get past NFL offensive lineman. But the Vikings were not elite against the run last year, so he fills a big need.

Third Round, 21st pick, 83rd overall: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cornerback, UConn

At one point, ESPN had Wreh-Wilson going to the Vikings in the first round, so I assume they see something that everyone else doesn't. In any case, he definitely has talent. He is a big cornerback who will look good opposite Chris Cook, assuming he's healthy. His lack of closing speed is a concern, but that is almost always the case with bigger corners. Now that Winfield has been released, Josh Robinson will theoretically play slot corner, and Wreh-Wilson will fill the hole on the outside.

Fourth Round, 5th pick, 102nd overall (from Detroit Lions): Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver, Marshall:

I really really really really hope that Dobson is still available here. So far the Vikings have a 100% success rate with receivers from Marshall, so Dobson would hope to continue that trend. Dobson is big and long, and would be a great complement to Greg Jennings. He is an above-average route-runner, and has good body control in the air to make tough catches. He doesn't have top-end speed, but is a great value here.

Fourth Round, 23rd pick, 120th overall: Kyle Long, Offensive guard, Oregon

I have to be honest, I don't know too much about Long. But I do know that the Vikings have a hole at guard, and Kyle Long has some good potential. He is big and long, and has very good mobility. He is a pretty good athlete, but is very raw. I think that the Vikings have enough stopgap solutions at guard to survive until he is ready to start.

TRADE with Buffalo Bills

Bills receive 2013 6th round pick, 21st pick, 189th overall and 7th round pick, 7th pick, 213th overall (from Arizona Cardinals)

Vikings receive 2013 5th round pick, 10th pick, 143rd overall

Vikings select Chris Harper, Wide receiver, Kansas state

This is one of my favorite picks. Harper is basically a pure athlete at this point, and has huge potential at wide receiver. He is a converted quarterback who has good body control and consistent hands. His route-running isn't ideal, but that is to be expected from a prospect as raw as him. At this point, any wide receiver talent will be welcome.

Fifth Round, 22nd pick, 155th overall: Kenjon Barner, Running back, Oregon

Adrian Peterson is a beast, we all know that. Toby Gerhart is among the best backups in the league. So why the running back pick here? Because we don't really have a pure speed, pass-catching back who can come in on third downs. he isn't the best pass protector, but that can be taught. The guy is a burner, and can bring a different dimension that our offense has been lacking. He can also help replace the running back/returner part of Percy Harvin's game that we will miss.

Seventh Round, 23rd pick, 229th overall: Quinn Sharp, Punter, Oklahoma State

Chris Kluwe is kind of on the decline, and as much as anybody supports what he says, his personality just doesn't fit with the Vikings culture. He creates too much controversy for the team's liking, and he can be replaced by continuing the youth movement. I am not very familiar with punters in this year's draft class, but i have read that Sharp is a good one and could be there in the seventh round.

Seventh Round, 25th pick, 231st overall: Everett Dawkins, Defensive Tackle, Florida State

For now Dawkins is just defensive line depth, but in a few years he could be a solid starter. His stats were not great this year, but he did show some pass-rushing potential.

So there it is. This was my first mock, but comment whatever you want. I can take it

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