Complete Mock Draft Without Predicting Trades

Well everyone's got one, so I'm going to give it a try it too. With Minnesota having so many needs, I'm going to base this on who I think will be the BPA for the most part each round, and stray just a little for positions of need. I used CBS's ranking of the draft prospects as a reference to help me. Not as a big fan of their pregame shows as I am of their coverage(won't even watch NBC's pregame, their coverage is terrible too-Collinsworth is an ass & always biased toward certain teams & players, esp ours), I like ESPN and FOX the best, but think CBS does a great job ranking draft prospects.

Round 1 Position rank Height Weight School

# 23 CB Desmond Trufant 3 6'0 190 Washington

# 25 WR DeAndre Hopkins 3 6'1 214 Clemson

Round 2

# 52 WR Da'Rick Rogers 11 6'3 217 Tennessee Tech

Round 3

#83 DT John Jenkins 8 6'4 346 Georgia

Round 4

#99 C Barret Jones 1 6'3 306 Alabama

# 117 ILB Jon Bostic 4 6'4 245 Florida

Round 5

# 148 CB Leon McFadden 15 5'10 193 San Diego State

Round 6

# 179 OLB Chase Thomas 14 6'3 244 Stanford

Round 7

# 213 WR Ace Sanders 23 5'7 173 South Carolina

# 229 ILB A.J. Klein 7 6'1 250 Iowa State

# 231 DT T.J. Barnes 15 6'6 369 Georgia Tech

Possible UDFAs (I listed 15, I'm not sure how many we will actually pick up. I think all of these players have pretty good potential based on what I read along with their height & weight. As a matter of fact, I'd be surprised if at least a few of these guys weren't drafted by someone else late. Anyway, I think a few of them deserve at least a look).

RB Theo Riddick 14 5'10 201 Notre Dame

WR Corey Fuller 21 6'2 204 Virginia Tech

RB Cierra Wood 17 5'11 217 Notre Dame

TE Micheal Williams 13 6'6 278 Alabama

OLB Brandon Sharp 29 6'1 253 Syracuse

WR Marcus Davis 30 6'3 233 Virginia Tech

OG Jeff Baca 12 6'4 302 UCLA

CB Marc Anthony 27 6'0 196 California

SS Cody Davis 10 6'2 204 Texas Tech

FB Braden Wilson 7 6'4 251 Kansas State

ILB Vince Williams 11 6'1 247 Florida State

ILB Bruce Taylor 16 6'1 234 Virginia Tech

WR Keenan Davis 50 6'2 216 Iowa

OG Lane Taylor 28 6'3 326 Oklahoma State

DE Craig Roh 21 6'4 271 Michigan

I would expect at least a trade or two, but nothing is certain. So, I didn't include any even though I think there could be with one of the first round picks and the seventh round picks as well. I think the talent is better in other areas early, so I didn't address LB until later. I also recognize it is a longshot for Spielman to take a chance on Rogers,but I think he clearly has tremendous first round talent and he, Hopkins and Allen are the best WRs in this draft(IMO),and went with the notion that Allen will be drafted before we pick. I originally had Jenkins in the second then Rogers in the third, but thought switching the order of the two would make it more likely for us to acquire both of them, and with other players rising on the board, think he will be there and likely one or two other good DT prospects Spielman likes could be there as well. All of the players I listed in the seventh round are players I think are vulnerable to drop, I also think there is a chance that Barret Jones might drop a round or two and is listed as a center, but I think would excel at guard. There are a lot of players I really like that I didn't bother with, because there isn't much of a chance of us getting most of those guys.(Although, Spielman might move around and add one more early pick). Anyway, I think if this were how the draft ended up for us, it would greatly improve the team. However the draft goes, I am expecting Spielman to do even better this year and possibly walk away with five potential starters or maybe more-how's that for optimism, though still completely possible. In spite of all the turmoil, I think it's going to be a great year for the Vikings and we'll all get a lot clearer picture after the draft. So, as my 6 year old daughter says,"GO MINNESOTA!!!"

This is my first actual mock draft, let me know what you think & if you see there being better options than my picks, or what you think Spielman will or should do.

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