Defense in 1st round??

This is my first post and I like to express my thoughts with the draft less than a month away. It seems everyone is freaking out about Winfield(who happens to be my favorite cb) and/or getting a veteran MLB. I am throwing out a scenario what if we just stick to rebuilding. I know we are loosing leadership, in the secondary it is true but who supplied leadership in the middle of the defense Brinkley? Didn't think so. Don't get me wrong I would take Winfield back in a heart beat, but let's play it out that we don't, and we look to the draft so here is my mock draft.( no trades)

Rd1(23): Desmond Trufant CB Washington.

I think he would be the best available corner when we pick. He is physical and is reliable in coverage. Would really help this young but talented secondary we have.

Rd1(25): Manti Te'o LB Notre Dame.

A lot of people might not like this selection but I was watching highlights on all the top inside linebackers, I really like what I seen out of Te'o. He was once projected to go top 5 I don't think Spielman would let him out of his sight( as we all know how much we like people out of Notre Dame). But if we did choose someone else I liked Arthur Brown.

Rd2(52): Robert Woods WR USC.

I always like Woods I still think he is a first round talent, even know he had an off year but so did his quarterback. I like other people who would probably drop here Q. Patton, T. Williams, and M. Wheaton but I think Woods is the most pro ready out of all of them.

Rd3(83): Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern St.

I am not sure if he will drop here but he is the ideal pick here because of his size, he could cause a lot of double teams. But I never really look into as far as highlights but I have seen him in other mocks and read about him. I just think he would probably be the best DT here.

Rd4(102): Aaron Dobson WR Marshall.

Like Brandon Williams I never really looked into this guy but he has great size and has the potential to be a steal here. Again I heard about him off of other mock drafts on DN, and you guys seem pretty high on him. I really like Ryan Swope but I think we don't need a slot.

Rd4(120): Kenjon Barner RB Oregon.

This guy is a beast his straight line speed is amazing and he could be that change of pace back that we need. More I watch tape of him more he impresses me if you haven't seen his highlights you should check him out.

Rd5(155): Baccari Rambo S Georgia.

I really don't think he will drop here he is more of a 4th round pick but you never know he might drop. He would be good depth and might be able to start or win the starting job whatever who cares. He has been one of my favorite safeties in the draft and he is overlooked.

Rd6(IDK): ummmm a guard or BPA...

Rd7(three picks): just BPA and at least one WR.

Well that is my mock draft, I think we should also look to some free agents after the draft as well too, maybe get a veteran CB so we get some of that leadership in the secondary......

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