The Best Prospects of the Top Ranked 100

Okay everyone's focused on the mock drafts and why not; they are fun. How many players will really be that productive though? We all can't help but to do it, but we will look at the prospects in comparison primarily to their peers and getting caught up in that with the heightened aspirations of the potential impact our favorites will have on our beloved team. We should weigh out comparisons of already established players in the pro game and how they looked in their draft. I think to have a better idea of how the future may play out is to look to the past first.

So, how many of say the first 100 prospects will be successful and how successful will they be? I think most draft boards of say the first 100 players has a number much smaller than that, that they would target drafting. I think some of the names that wouldn't make the cut could be considered in later rounds, but many; not at all.

I'm going to take a jab at predicting which players will make the cut, using CBS's rankings going 33-100 and you guys can tell me how close or how far off you think I am. Of the first 32 top rated prospects, I'm going select 5 potential overrated prospects as well.

These are the prospects I think will have at least good careers.

33. Eddie Lacy RB

34. Matt Elam SS

35. Sam Montgomery DE

36. Robert Woods WR

37. Jesse Williams DT

38. Alec Ogletree OLB

40. Arthur Brown OLB

41. Quinton Patton WR

43. Justin Pugh OG

46. Cornellius Carridine DE

48. Sylvester Williams DT

49. Margus Hunt DE

50. David Amerson CB

54. Kyle Long OT

55. Eric Reid FS

57. Jordan Poyer CB

61. Barrot Jones C

62. Justin Hunter WR

70. Aaron Dobson WR

73. Robert Alford CB

74. John Jenkins DT

75. Larry Warford OG

82. Da'Rick Rogers WR

85. Tyrann Matheiu CB

87. John Simon DE

88. Ryan Swope WR

90. Bacarri Rambo FS

That leaves 40 names of the list and many might not see a name or two they are hoping we draft, but still 27 to pick from with the 5 picks Minnesota has to choose from in the first 100 players.

Of the top 32 prospects, the 5 most likely to not live up to the hype in my opinion are:

6. Bjoern Werner DE

9. Geno Smith QB

11. Cordarrelle Patterson WR

15 Jarvis Jones OLB

18. Tavon Austin WR

I'm not saying all of these guys will flop. I am saying they carry the most risk selecting in the first round though. Tell what you guys think and which 5 players you would like the Vikings to select out of the top 100 rated players.

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