if you missed it .. 49ers will 'steer clear' of WR Randy Moss next season

By Brian Murphy, Saturday, March 2, 2013 5:15:33 PM CST

If Randy Moss @DaRealOtisMoss wants to continue his career, he will have to do it somewhere other than San Francisco. Moss, 36, is a free agent, and a league source has told Pro Football Talk that “the Niners were making it perfectly clear at the Scouting Combine that they intend to steer clear of Moss in 2013.”
Moss caught 26 passes last season and was very vocal during Super Bowl week regarding his displeasure with his role in the offense.

Fantasy Analysis:

It looks like Moss’ second retirement announcement could be coming soon. Moss wasn’t a problem child last season, but he also wasn’t of much use on the field. He said he should have been a bigger part of the offense, but the fact is he no longer has the skills to be a dependable NFL wide receiver. His speed is gone; he’s basically nothing more than a big body around the goal line. There isn’t much left in his tank, and I don’t expect many teams to be craving his services next season. We have probably seen the last of him in this league.
Pro Football Talk

after reading that

Big ..? you think Frazier and Ricky would give another chance ? if he would agree to certain conditions on his contract 1st he apologies that caterer and the Wilf and then he takes the team out for dinner and apologies to them, 2nd he promises not to start any cancerous problems in the locker room 3rd he works with and helps all the young WRs become better as he knows more than most how the majority of most secondaries in the NFL work and could have good insight on how to read defenders and beat them. 4th just play every play your best .!

The first that comes to mind is that it make it easier to get Percy back on the field without overhauling his contract. To keep him happy I would still give Percy a extra mill or 2 this year with a tentative contract for next year that could get signed in the course of the year, because Percy was happy when Moss was here and it helped his game and he was pissed when Col KLINK cut him .

If i recall there was a rumor that the Freak told Chilly he was a shity coach and that was more of the reason he cut him like he did,and the fact that it also made Zigy a little pissed and take a closer look at how Klink was doing things and eventually put his boot to Klinks ASS ! Now that alone is almost enough to say thanks to Randy for being the instigator to end his tyranny and give him another chance!
Frazier might just be able to get the best out of Randy again and the Freak might just get a spark being back in Purple and play a little more like he has in the past and make the fans roar in joy again where it all started for him,shit like that can be enough to make a player step up and put out that extra effort needed. and be on a team that can soon be a Super Bowl contender and his last chance at a ring in a new stadium could be enough to do what ever is needed to win and retire in PURPLE !

Some might not recall but Randy was happy to be a Viking before the trade but in his way to say things he let McCombs know what he thought of him as a owner and McCombs traded him out of spite, why else give a shit about trading a player when at the same time your getting ready to sell the team , he could have left him for Zigy to deal with and Zigy just might have been able to get Randy back on track back then.

So for only 2.5 mill there could be some good advantage to give Randy another shot his veteran experience that could help and coach others alone might be worth it. his stats were actually a little better than Jenkins
JenkinsG16Rec40 of72 YDS 449 Y/G28.1 Avg 11.2 LnG32 Yac3.4 1stD25 TD2
RandyG16 Rec 28 of50YDS434 Y/G27.1 Avg 15.5 LnG55 Yac2.9 1stD22 TD3
and Randy played for $ 1.5 mill less than Jenkins

Now i ask you

So if it came down to just a big extra big body with good hands in the End Zone on that time runs out ‘’ Hail Mary ’’ type of pass to win the game and you could only pick Randy or Jenkens , whos hands with best leaping ability do you want there to catch it ?

For myself, i love a good FREAK !


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