Mock Draft -- Monopoly Edition

Being that we’re in that ‘early March lull’ between the Combine and FA, I decided to have a little fun and put together a game of wits for the DN to play.

Welcome... to the Monopoly Mock!!

Every Monopoly player knows the way to success is to nail down one color group and build on it -- that's pretty much the idea here. Most will agree our biggest needs are (in no particular order): WR, DT, LB and CB. With that in mind, I arranged several top prospects at those positions into Monopoly properties.

Your goal is to pick which group you would want most as a 3-round mock!!

Rules to note:

  • Top prospects who are not expected to be at #23 are not included here -- so the likes of WR Patterson, DT Richardson, CB Rhodes, etc, are not in play.
  • Similarly, there are several Day 2 prospects who are absent from the selections -- this is mostly because I tried my best to stick to a mix of DN fan favorites (to interest all of you) and a few of my own personal favorites (...because I said so). =)
  • Round numbers of where the players are hypothetically taken are provided below the player's name, with further details outlined above each color group. Naturally, with the more 'expensive' properties it is implied that we traded up for the talent included -- with the more 'cost effective' properties, it is implied that we traded down and secured an extra pick or two (note: those extra picks do not play into this particular game, but wear your GM hat proudly -- if you want those extra mid-rd picks, go for it, man!!).
  • Regarding the 'non-color' properties -- the Railroads are four particular stand-out players who aren't necessarily at a position of need, but may drop to us in a given round; the Utilities are two particular red-flag players whose stock is in question. You have the option to substitute one (and only one) of these players into your monopoly at the provided round number. For example, you may want the Greens, but you can substitute Larry Warford in the 2nd rd instead of Khaseem Greene.
  • In certain instances with substituting a Railroad/Utility, the rounds won't match up -- in which case, you may make the substitution provided the original round is before the substituted round. In other words, if you want Alec Ogletree (a 'Rd 1' substitute), you cannot swap him for any player outside of a 1st rd selection. But, if you want Mathieu (a 'Rd 3' substitute), you can swap him at any round slot, 3rd or otherwise -- such as, if you still want those Greens, you could substitute the Honey Badger for Markus Wheaton... the trade off is, Mr. Arm Chair GM Extraordinaire, you left us without a WR...!!

Get it...?? Got it...?? Good!!

Now pass 'Go' and make your choice -- don't forget to vote (remember to consider what you are giving up in the middle or late rounds if you chose a color that required trading up), and sound off in the comments section!!




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