Guide to Vikings offseason part 1: The offense!!!

As a Vikings fan, i hate to say it but we all know it, that our offense besides Adrian Peterson is horrible. Christian Ponder is developing and we don't know if he will be the "Quarterback of the Franchise" that Spielman and Frazier says he is. He needs some help on the offensive line and the terrible Wide receiver corp we have right now. I will make a part 2 that will focus mainly on Defense but here is my off -season plan to fix the offense.


1. Sign OT: Loadholt to a contract around 4 year/$22-24 million.

2. Stop being stupid and give Harvin his money. He is a great receiver and pair him up with an outside threat and our offense will be on the way to getting more productive. contract: 5 year/ $50 million.. this just in: i read a report that Harvin wants Megatron money! I think he is worth a new contract but i think the vikings would be stupid to sign him to a deal that will pay more then what wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald gets paid. I think there's a good possibility of a trade and getting some picks in the draft to upgrade the wide receiver corp. Mr. Wright- lets step it up this year!

3. Grab OG: Brandon Moore from the NY Jets, he will be a huge upgrade at the guard position whether he replaces Fusco or Johnson. Contract: 3-4 years and anywhere from $15-20 million

4. Sign WR. Simpson to another Prove yourself 1 year contract. He started stepping up late in the season and i think with another year to get familiar with the offense and not have a suspension this year that he will produce more then last year. contract around 1 year/ $1.5 million- $2 million.

5. Get rid of WR Aromashodu, and sign another young player that will hopefully produce more then Aromashodu did.. I like the idea of possibly grabbing Kevin Ogletree from Dallas and signing him to a 3 year $8-9 million contract.

6. Sign FB: Felton to a 3 year/$8.5 million deal. He led the way for Peterson's way to his greatest season and Felton needs to be paid among the top Fullbacks.

7. Sign LB: Brinkley to a 2 year prove it deal. He has dealt with injuries and plays decent in the run game but he gets lost in coverage and he needs to prove he can be our mike linebacker or get out of Minnesota. I would give him a contract around 2 Year/$5.5 million.

Possible Trades

WR. Harvin- I think teams that are already talented enough to make the playoffs and just need another productive player to make it all the way, to ring the viking's phone off the hook. I think Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals will try and make a move here. Pair Harvin with A.J Green and the Bengals would be damn scary to face. Also They have some ammo that would be very nice to the Vikings and if they came calling I would try to get both of their 2nd round picks. Another team that is desperate of wanting another player to try and make a Superbowl run 2 years in a row, I would also accept an offer from the 49ers if they came calling but would also want their 2 2nd round picks.

DE: Robison- The Vikings staff needs to try to get younger on the defensive line. Jared Allen hopefully will restructure but even then I think Allen only has 3-4 more years of good production. Robison is only a year younger then Allen and has never posted double digit sacks. He is a freak of nature and does apply pressure on the quarterback often but if the Vikings want to think about the future of the defensive line, then trading Robison while he has some value to him wouldn't be a bad deal. I still think that we could only get a 4th-5th round pick for him but its better then letting him try free agency and get nothing out of him.

RB: Gerhart- Our "Change of Pace" back only has 1 more year remaining on his contract in Minnesota. If i were him i know that i would want to go elsewhere where i could try and prove to be the featured back in somebody's system, which i think he has potential to do so. I think we have decent depth behind him and that Matt Asiata would be able to fill in for Peterson when he needs rest. We won't get a decent draft pick for Gerhart but i think a team that needs a running back like the NY Jets might offer a 5th-7th round pick for Gerhart's services.

DRAFT (With possible extras, depending on any trades)

RD 1.23 De'andre Hopkins- WR (Clemson). The more I watch highlights of De'Andre, the more i hope the Minnesota Vikings pick him. He has good size at 6'1, 200 pounds. He also ran a decent 40 time of 4.41 at his pro day. Hopkins has reliable hands and pulls down great catches. He would be a great addition to the Vikings and we would finally have someone that can stretch the field.

RD 2. 52 Jesse Williams- DT (Alabama)- My 1st addition to the defense, but one that makes sense. Years ago the Vikings had a top 5 run defense with Phat Pat and Kevin Williams kept everybody's run game in check and made opposing teams one dimensional. Jesse Williams should be a day one starter, he stands at 6'4 and 320 pounds, and hopefully will make teams double team him, leaving Kevin Williams with a one on one match up. The Williams Wall part 2??

RD 3.83 Alvin Bailey- OG (Arkansas)- There is no denying that our offensive line needs help. Even though that the line seems pretty decent with Kalil, Sullivan and Loadholt and not to mention Adrian Peterson's amazing year, we still need huge upgrades at the guard positions. Bailey would be an upgrade over Johnson and Fusco and could start at either guard position giving Christian Ponder more time to throw or more running lanes for the beast AP to run through.

RD 4. 99 Chase Thomas- OLB (Stanford)- My assumptions are that Brinkley will cost less for the Vikings so they resign him to a small deal and let Erin Henderson test free agency. Henderson has been average at best addition to the vikings, not bad though for being undrafted. Thomas will step in and should provide above average production and should pair up nicely with Chad Greenway.

RD 4. 117 Marquess Wilson- WR (Washington State)- I was following him last year, hoping that he would declare for the draft early and that the Vikings would take a look at him. Last year he was being projected as a 1st round pick, but given his off the field issues he comes a lot cheaper this year. I think the talent is still there for Wilson and he could be a nice upgrade over Wide receivers like Michael Jenkins, or Devin Aromashodu.

That's all im going to do for now in predicting the draft, because it is honestly one of the hardest things to predict. There is a lot of depth in this draft, and I think that Rick spielman will do a great job just as he did last year for us. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments/suggestions. SKOL VIKES!

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