Offseason Plan #1

As a followup to my 1st Mock Draft i decided to do a full offseason plan, with a whole new draft and the whole kit & kaboodle. Here are a couple of warnings before i start, 1st my spelling and grammer will suck. period. Ive accepted that, and i could care less, hopefully you dont care either, because it isnt going to change. 2nd I'm not great with salary caps, money, dead space etc.. but i will do my best to stay within the boundries of the Vikings salary cap. Which if i am correct starts at around 17.5-17.6 million.

First, Reconstructure Contracts:


Kevin Williams has hinted he would potentially consider a reconstructured deal, other names that get thrown out there are Winfield and Jared Allen, and ocassionally, John Carlson. I think it is only reasonable that two of them would reconstructure their contracts. (all four would be great, but i wanted to lean on the side of pessimism rather then go overboard and end up with an unlikley senario, in other words I wanted this plan to be more of a prediction then a wish list.) The two i went with are Williams and Allen. Allen would currently command a 17 mil cap hit next year, and Williams 7.5. I dont know how much people generally shave off when they reconstucture but i thought changing Allens so he "only" cost us 15 million seemed fair, and then changing Williams to cost us 6 mil. This brings our total Cap room to $20 million. Cool, i get a nice even number to work with.


Michael Jenkins has already been cut, i would also cut Letroy Guion before June 1st to avoid the dead space penalty and give us an extra $4.5 mil. After that Charlie Johnson was underwhelming last year i cut him, and after factoring in dead space, and all the other BS i come close to $3m added to the cap.

So the Cap room to start with is: $27.5 million


Percy Harvin, WR: I wanted to keep Percy this whole time but with reports coming out that he is looking for Megatron money, im afraid we simply cant afford that. While i doubt the quality of the sources of that report, Harvin is still going to want to get PAID. So I traded him to the Patriots for their first rounder, number 29th overall, its been speculated that a 2nd rounder is all we will get for Percy, but 29th is a late pick and im sure Bellichek is watering at the mouth at the prospect of getting a player like Percy Harvin. This gives us $4mil we shed to the Pats.

Next, Our own Free Agents:

Thats right your getting paid.

Phil Loadholt, RT: Sign. He is a big part of what we do which is obviously running the football. Although he has been critisized in the passing game, he has been servicable, and improves steadily each year, and an added bonus is he is familiar with the other linemen and what-not, that is extrmely important for a O-line and it would take longer for an outside free agent to get used to everything. 4 years $24 million.

This leaves us with $25.5 Million left.

Jerome Felton, FB: Sign, anyone that blocks for a RB that runs for 2,000+ yards deserves to get paid. 4 years $10 Million.

That is $2.5 a year which leaves us with $23 million.

Jasper Brinkley, MLB: Sign, It came down to him and Henderson, and i chose Brinkley for several reasons, first, he will be cheaper, and second, becasue in my Mock Draft, i assumed that i signed Henderson and let Brinkley walk, so i changed it up. Also, it is a deep ILB class and we might be able to get someone in the 3-4 round that could push Brinkley for a starting spot. Besides, you dont mess around and get 100 tackles while being a complete bum, also, he could be a 2 down linebacker and the rookie could come on, on third downs. Prove it deal at 1 year, $3million

$20 mil left.

Erin Henderson, OLB: Walk, i like him more then most, but i cant keep around two liabilities in coverage.

Devin Aromawhateverthehell: God no, walk.

Joe Berger, C: Sign, he is a good backup and can play some guard. 3 years, $4.5 million.

We now stand at $18.5 mil

A.J. Jefferson, CB: Sign, he pissed me off more then any other player last year but, he has potential and can return punts, sign for minimum at $630,000-$750,000, but to make it easy on me, we'll say the cap hit is $500,000. 2 years, $1.5 mil.

Jerome Simpson, WR: Sign, get him on a prove it deal, i think he is better then the season he had last year. 1 year $1 million.

$17 million left.

Jamarca Sanford, SS: Sign, i thought he played well last year and saftey is hardley a pressing need, he is also a good teammate (my only source on this is him carrying AP off the field after they thought he broke the record, but still, he seems like a good guy). 3 years, $4.5 Million.

$15.5 mil cap room left.

Geoff Shwartz, G: Walk, i thought he was better then fusco, but he will command atleast solid money that we cant afford to spend.

Andrew Sendejo, S: Sign, He is a good special team player, and gives us depth, why not? 2 years, $2million.

$14.5 Million left.

Everyone else I would let walk, the only ones i can think of are Marvin Mitchell, Kropog or however you spell it, and, Demarcus Love?

Outside Free Agents:

Mike Wallace, WR: The only reason i traded Harvin was becasue we can sign Wallace, there is no way that i would trade Harvin if i dont have the upmost confidence we will sign Mike Wallace. Wallace gives our offense a dimension that we havent had sinse Sidney Rice, and Wallace will be the best deep threat since Moss. Imagine a defense that had to gameplan for both Mike Wallace, and AD. Wallace obviously has had some atitude issues, but what reciever doesnt? The man just wanted to get paid. He had a dissapointing year last year but before that played at a pro bowl level recording, back to back 1,000 yard seasons, and 26 TD's in three seasons. 4 years, $48 million

This puts us in a bind with only $2.5 million left in cap space and i still want to sign a LG, i was thinking Kevin Boothe at either 3 years, $12million, or 4 years $16 million, whichever the team thinks is better. In order to do that i need to clear up $1.5 Mil, in order to do that I looked at ideas from other Offseason plans at the Daily Norseman, in Arif's he cut Mistrayal Raymond and two borderline players, Nick Taylor, and George Johnson that would clear up exactly $1.5 mil. Perfect,

Kevin Boothe, OG: 4 years, $16mil.

The Draft:

The picks we have are as follows: Round 1: 23, 29 Round 2: 52 Round 3: 83 Round 4: 5th(from detroit) 23rd Round 5: 22nd Round 6: 21st Round 7: 7th(from Arizona) 23rd

1st Round:

23: Keenan Allen, WR, Cal- His numbers dont jump out at you, 61 catches for 737 yards and 6 TD's but he only played in 9 games as a junior and had a mediocre QB throwing to him all season. All offseason i have been mocking defensive players here, but the more i learn about Allen, the more I love, he will be a stud in this leauge for a while. He is strong and can fight for the ball with any DB, and at 6'2"206 he can go up and get a jump ball. He is a good route runner with experience in both the split end and the slot. This allows both he and Wright to interchange at those positions and find what works best. Keenan Allen could very well be the best reciever in the draft and when we look back in 4-5 years he might be the steal of the draft. Compares to Jordy Nelson.

Other possibilities- Deandre Hopkins, Alec Ogletree any stud DT that slips.

29: Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia- I am drafting him as an OLB to replace Erin Henderson, most people list him as an ILB but he can play both the weak side and MLB spots. He is a converted saftey who can cover, may need to add some weight but with Jasper Brinkley at MLB, the weak side needed someone who can cover, Ogletree is that guy. Like i said, he can play MLB too, so if Brinkley starts to play bad and you feel you have someone who can play the OLB spot, you can put Ogletree at MLB, this also allows a possibility of retaining Henderson instead of Brinkley, but for now, i am keeping Brinkley and drafting Ogletree. He has had some off the field issues that will most likley have someone of his caliber dropping to the late first rounds. If he was drafted a little earlier, then Khaseen Greene(spelling?) or Arthur Brown would be my pick here. ESPN has him at 113 tackles, 3 sacks, a pick, and 4 passes defended despite playing in only 10 games.

Other possibilities- The aforementioned Greene, and Brown

2nd Round:

52: John Jenkins, DT Georgia- People are always saying how they want the second coming of Pat Williams, ohohoho do i have a guy for you!! Jenkins was a force at Georgia weighing in at....346 pounds!!! This is a deep DT class and it is a luxury that we get a guy like Jenkins here. He is literally unmovable but suprisingly quick and strong enough to make arm tackles. His size will limit his sack numbers though, becasue he is so big, it is impossible to not get stuck going through the line. He will start immediatley becasue i released Guion and will give us a huge boost in the run game. As far as the other DT spot, i believe Ballard can take over for Williams eventually.

Round 3:

83: Ryan Swope, WR Texas A&M- I wanted to draft the OG Bailey from Arkansas and have the best O-line in the game, but i realized our recieving corps consisted of 3 guarenteed guys pretty much, Wright, Wallace, Allen, prefferably i wouldve signed someone like Alexander or Gibson then drafted Bailey here but with the contract of Wallace, i didnt have room in FA. So taking Swope here was a good pick in my mind. He suprised me with his speed at the combine, (under a 4.4) was Johnny Football's favorite target, and has good size. He could be a viable option in the slot. He had 72 catches for over 900 yards and 8 TD last year.

Other Possiblities- Alvin Bailey(oh i will miss you Alvin)

Round 4:

5th: David Bakhtiari, T/G Colorado- He played all his college games at tackle but a move to guard is likley. His skill set is much more suited for guard then tackle. He needs to add weight at 299 but ha NFL bloodlines and is an extrmely hard worker. Is very aggresive and should be good in the run game. He will play behind Boothe at LG until his contract expires or Fusco needs to be replaced.

23rd: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB UCONN- Well Todd McShay thinks he will go in the first, so either he is on crack, or this kid has some potential. He struggles get his hips around on coverage kind of like AJ Jefferson but is a physical corner who has good ball skills. He is a tall tough corner that physically resembles Chis Cook or AJ Jefferson. As a 13 game starter in 2010 he recorded 57 tackles, 4 INT's and 5 pass breakups. In 2011, he started only 7 games (one interception, seven pass breakups), due to missing 5 games with a sprained right MCL. Last season he made 46 tackles, only recording 1 pick but deflected 9 passes. We will eventually need a replacement for Winfield, this gives us two options in either Wilson or Robinson, and the other defecting to the nickel corner.

Other Possiblities- Tyrann Mathieu, Leon McFadden, Will Davis

Round 5: Jelani Jenkins, LB Florida- He played traditonally OLB in college however he spent some time at MLB early in is career. I would convert him to a full time MLB to contend with Brinkley and eventually win that spot. He was a five star recruit out of high school and is a freak athlete, is outstanding in coverage and would be a 2nd round pick if he was a couple inches taller, a little bigger, and didnt deal with injuries in college. These are minor concerns though and we would get great value at the 22nd pick in the 5th round here. In 11 starts, some at MLB, in 2010, he totaled 76 tackles (4.5 for loss), two sacks, and one interception. In 12 starts in 2011, He recorded 75 tackles (6 for loss), two sacks, six pass breakups, and one interception, he was hampered with injuries last year.

Other Possibilities- AJ Klein or trade up for Kiko Alonso/Jon Bostic

Round 6:

21st: Devin Taylor, DE South Carolina- This is my new favorite pick, he is the perfect project DE to learn behind Jared Allen, he is 6'7" ran a 4.72 40, was a top combine perfomer in nearly all the categories, is an althetic freak and played at South Carolina in the SEC which is the cream of the crop confrence, so he wa playing against the best players. Again, he is extremely gifted athletically, he had a 35" vertical!! NBA legend Daryl Dawkins had a 34" vertical. His height is sometimes a liability against good lineman but he has put up good numbers in his career even if his sack numbers has decreased: 13 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, and leading the team with eight pass breakups, receiving second-team All-SEC honors in 2010, 8.5 tackles for loss, six sacks in 2011, his junior year, and last season only 3 sacks, but 8.5 tackles for loss and 6 passes deflected. He weighs in at 275, skinny for his heigt but should fill out more and hopefully turn into a good NFL player.

Round 7:

This was the only picture i could find....

7th: Sam Brenner, OG Utah- Adds depth and could be a project, not much else to say here.

23rd: Knile Davis, RB Arkansas- Had a dissapointing season last year, but in his carries were not enough no judge, 2011 due to injury, but was fantastic in 2010 registering 1,322 yards and 13 touchdowns. He ran a 4.37 at the combine and would be a good change of pace back after Gerhart leaves in FA next year or gets traded. He is a decent reciever and pass blocker.

There you have it, so entering camp this would be the roster, ill explain some other stuff at the end regarding each position.

QB- Christian Ponder, Joe Webb, McLeod Bethel Thomson

RB- Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart, Knile Davis, Matt Asiata

FB- Jerome Felton, Rhett Elliason

WR1- Mike Wallace,Jerome Simpson, Stephen Burton

WR2- Keenan Allen, Greg Childs(hopefully) Chris Summers

Slot- Jarius Wright, Ryan Swope

LT- Matt Kalil

LG- David Boothe

C- John Sullivan

RG- (Brian???) Fusco

RT- Phil Loadholt

O-line Reserves- Joe Berger, David Baktiari, Sam Brenner, ahhh im drawing a blank.....whoever else weighs over 300 lbs.

DE1: Jared Allen, Everson Griffen, Devin Taylor

DE2: Brian Robinson, Christian Ballard, (D'auntre?????) Reed

DT1: Kevin Williams, Chritian Ballard

DT2: John Jenkins, Fred Evans

CB1: Antoine Winfield, Josh Robinson

CB2: Chris Cook, Blidi Wreh Wilson, AJ Jefferson

FS: Harrison Smith, Andrew Sendejo

SS: Jamarca Sanford, Robert Blanton

K:Blair Walsh

P: Chris Kluwe/T.J. Conley....cut whoever i could care less

LS: Loeffler

KR: Josh Robinson, Knile Davis, AJ Jefferson

PR: AJ Jefferson


Marquess Wilson (Wash State): Tons of talent, 1st round talent, but he quit and accused his coach of abuse, id take a flier on him.

Thoughts On positions:

QB: I wanted to sign a verteran QB but couldt find the cap room. I believe Joe Webb could be adequete if used right, but I dont know if musgrave knows how, its not that hard, hes not a pockt QB, so STOP HAVING HIM DROP BACK AND THROW LIKE TOM BRADY!!! ugh, stupid Musgrave.

RB: we set

Oh Yeah, for the depth chart^

TE: Rudolph, Carlson, that one practice squad guy. I Think Carlson will be better now knowing the offense and if he gets more targets.

Thanks guys, let me know what you think in the comments.

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