Playing GM for the Vikes.

I am intrigued to read every ones thoughts on this upcoming draft and I am also going to make my final attempt on this draft after listening to many other fans and hours of research. These are my thoughts.

2013 Vikings Draft Picks

1st rd. – Pick No. 23

Xavier Rhodes (DB)- He is the most physical DB in the draft and the one that I think the Vikings would like to target because he may slow down Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson.

1st rd. – Pick No. 25 Trade to Jacksonville for 2nd rd. and 5th rd.

2nd rd. (Jacksonville Pick No. 1)

DeAndre Hopkins (WR)- The most complete WR in this years draft can ensure that Ponder continues to progress. A developmental WR could mean the end of Ponder's career as a starter.

2nd rd. – Pick No. 20

Arthur Brown (LB)- A trade may need to be made to move up and draft him, but many webpages have him going in the later half of the second round, which I believe would make him a steal!

3rd rd. – Pick No. 21

Brandon Williams (DT)- Williams established his ability in the Senior Bowl, but coming from a smaller college leaves him here for us in the 3rd. Yah!

4th rd. – Pick No. 5

Aaron Dobson (WR)- Another Marshall WR for Ponder to play with. If he is half the WR, that Moss was with half the attitude he could be a great player.

4th rd. – Pick No. 23

Marcus Lattimore (RB)- This pick might surprise many, but if he falls this far the Vikings would need to look strongly at him. He needs time to rehab from injuries making him a great fit for the Vikings that don't need to rush him into service.

5th rd. (Jacksonville Pick No. 2)

Brian Winter (OG)- Guard play was suspect this year, but I believe it could improve. Having a dependable backup for now with potential starter written all over him sure helps.

5th rd. – Pick No. 22

Gerald Hodges (OLB)- A good ball player that adds depth behind Erin Henderson.

6th rd. – Pick No. 21

Quanterus Smith (DE)- Another player that would be rated higher if he would have played in a bigger conference. Injuries have lowered his draft position, but we have depth for the upcoming season and he could learn and understand the system before next season. All three of our DEs hit free agency next season. We need a good back up plan.

7th rd. – Pick No. 7

Brad Wing (P)- Kluwe's down year and the Vikings youth movement might have the Brass looking to get younger a the punting position as well.

7th rd. – Pick No. 23

Chris Davis (DT)- really good athlete that played for Bowling Green so he could slide. This guy's motor is none stop.

7th rd. – Pick No. 25

Michael Williams (TE)- Not the most graceful TE in the draft, but what he can do is invaluable for a Run-First team. This player can block and has a nasty streak. The Vikings could beef up the line by adding him. AP would be very happy! We still miss Jimmy K!

This draft could happen! Will all the players be there were I projected them going? I have no idea, hell that is why we call it a mock draft. It is Fantasy! A few of these names are starters from day one and many fit into our system and can learn from the leaders on this team. By next year many of these players would have a significant role with the team baring injuries, athletic deficiencies, or attitude issues.

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