With A Clearer Picture Now, How Minnesota's Draft Will Likely Go

Okay, I put together one serious mock draft a few weeks ago that was really good, too good & really optimistic based on the premise of a couple players sliding to us. I am going to do one last mock draft, with my optimism tempered a little more(though, I do think we will have a couple players slide to us that we would not have though would). I am not going to include any trading, even though there likely will be. I do have a feeling Spielman will trade back a few spots with the second first round pick and acquire another third round pick. If it does play out like that, let me know who you think that extra third round pick should be. So, without further adieu(wait did I spell that right-anyway here's the damn list).

Round 1 WR Keenan Allen Cal 6' 2" 206 lbs

DT Sheldon Richardson Missouri 6'3" 294 lbs/ if trade back-Sylvester Williams NC 6'3" 313 lbs

Round 2 WR Justin Hunter Tennessee 6' 4" 196 lbs

Round 3 CB D J Hayden Houston 5'11" 191 lbs

Round 4 ILB Jon Bostic Florida 6'1 245 lbs

ILB A J Klein Iowa State 6'1" 250 lbs

Round 5 CB Tharold Simon LSU 6'2" 202 lbs

Round 6 DT T J Barnes Georga Tech 6' 6" 369 lbs

Round 7 CB Marc Anthony Cal 6' 0" 196 lbs

DE Joe Kruger Utah 6' 6" 269 lbs

RB Knile Davis Arkansas 6' 0" 227 lbs

Other guys I like such as Ogletree and Trufant, I just don't think will be available. Ideally, I would rather trade back a few spots to acquire another likely blue chip player and draft Hopkins a few spots back instead of Allen at 23, but I think there is a small window to try to get either one of these guys and do think Spielman intends on acquiring one or the other. I would like the draft to go a little differently, but think this is close to how it will actually happen. Though, I would really like for us to use a mid pick on Marcus Lattimore. He obviously is going to take a little time, but not much to get to full speed, but would give us an unbelievable RB duo, as Gerhart will be playing for another team in 2014 at the latest. Though, can easily him starting for another team this year.

I do not think there will be much of a comp pick to not trade Gerhart and so, see us getting a 5th round pick in a trade. I do not feel the same as far Robison, which I know I've said before, but still strongly believe letting Robison play this year and walk after would reward us a 4th round comp pick and if he gets 1 or 2 more sacks this year than last, we should get a 3rd round comp pick next and would give us a total of 3 3rd round draft picks next year. Also, in this draft I see at least one pick, a 6th or a 7th, being traded for a round higher in next year's draft, which would give us an additional 5th or 6th round pick and have us in very good shape for the 2014 draft just at that point.

UDFAS if available: DE Micheal Buchanan Illinois 6' 6" 255 lbs, WR Marcus Davis Virginia Tech 6' 3" 233 lbs, WR Marquess Wilson Wash State 6' 3" 194 lbs, P Ryan Allen Louisiana Tech 6'2" 229 lbs, OG Chris Barker Nevada 6' 3" 305 lbs, RB Theo Riddick Notre Dame 5' 10" 201 lbs, OG Sam Brenner Utah 6' 3" 307 lbs, FB Braden Wilson Kansas State 6' 4" 251 lbs, DT Chris Jones Bowling Green 6' 2" 302 lbs, OLB Nathan Williams Ohio State 6' 3" 241 lbs, TE Micheal Williams Alabama 6' 6" 278 lbs, DE Rufus Johnson Tarleton State 6' 6" 268 lbs, OLB Ja'Gared Davis Southern Methodist 6' 0" 28 lbs, OLB Jake Knott Iowa State 6' 2" 243 lbs, LS Luke Ingram Hawaii 6' 5" 258 lbs, CB Aaron Hester UCLA 6' 2" 198 lbs, OG Chris McDonald Michigan State 6' 4" 300 lbs, TE Ryan Griffen Connecticut 6' 6" 261 lbs, WR Tavon Austin West Virginia 5' 9" 174 lbs,ILB Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech 6' 1" 237 lbs, WR Keenan Davis Iowa 6' 2" 216 lbs.

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