Finding the Inevitable Replacement -- Slot CBs in the Draft

when i saw the news Winfield was a Seahawk, i went from...



Th_kano-fatality_medium about 1.6 seconds.

now i'm all...


but GIF therapy only gets you so far. gotta pick ourselves up and move on.

so the desire for Rhodes will be amplified (he'll be gone by #23);

the hype-machine of Trufant will surge on (...meh);

maybe Amerson will get some more steam (i'd actually be alright with that -- but for the purposes of this post, it's irrelevant).

no, we're looking for the guy that will try to fill those big shoes in the slot. i'd venture to guess (perhaps incorrectly) that the coaching staff feels (questionably??) comfortable going into next season with Cook and Robinson on the outside. if Cook can stay healthy, he's a very reliable CB -- not flashy, but reliable nonetheless. Robinson still has a bit of developing to do, but he's incredibly young and hit the rookie wall last season. gotta have more reps, he's got promise. i've seen some people here suggest Robinson could play the nickel, but to my knowledge he's never been kicked inside... so that's a whole learning curve i'm sure we'd like to avoid. so again, keep your 1st rd projected CBs, we're gonna play the slots.

so, who's the best fit for us?? there are plenty of unheralded names, but here are a handful of those who would be good Day 2 and/or mid-rd picks:

Jamar Taylor (Boise State) -- steadily rising over the last few weeks, he could be an option if we trade back from #25. great combo of strength/speed (sub 4.4 forty and 22 reps at the Combine), very physical but still smooth. technique likely needs to be refined -- but hey, that's what coaches are for, right?? early 2nd rd.

Robert Alford (Southeastern Louisiana) -- all-around, perhaps the best option, IMHO. fast (with kick return ability), shined during Senior Bowl practices, blitzes from the slot (sound familiar...??). could maybe play on the outside in a pinch, but i think he's better suited for the slot. oh, i almost forgot -- 40-inch vertical. $$. 2nd rd.

Leon McFadden (San Diego State) -- watched him toward the end of the college season and man, he's the real deal. isn't going to impress you with his workout numbers, but his on-field play is dynamic. attitude shines, quick feet, perfectly suited for the nickel... downside is, he didn't play it in college. he was my personal favorite had we been able to get Winfield back -- let him learn a year behind the best sort of thing. but alas. nevertheless, solid prospect, lots of special teams experience too in multiple phases. 3rd rd.

B.W. Webb (William & Mary) -- i have to admit, i'm kind of late to the B-Dub train -- but he sounds like a solid fit in the mid-rds. 4-yr starter, 'tenacious' with zone awareness, impressive ball skills, willing tackler... mental aspects might be a little lacking, though. 3rd-4th rd.

Micah Hyde (Iowa) -- got to see Hyde quite a bit, living in Iowa. pretty solid player all-around, against the run etc., good tackler, punt return ability. physicality can't be denied. some minor off-field issues (public intox, disorderly conduct), but on Day 3 for a nickel CB, it's worth a roll of the dice. 4th-5th rd.

Tyrann Mathieu (LSU) -- sigh... yes, it's come to this. as much as i hate saying it, the Honey Badger is a legitimate option on Day 2 now that Winfield is gone. i'm still extremely cautious about taking him that early -- only way to know for sure whether or not he's worth the risk is to be privy to the interview... which, ya know, we're not. let's just hope if we draft him, he stays out of trouble and produces on the field like he did when he was at LSU. 2nd-4th rd.


Michael Carter (Minnesota) -- boom!! had to get him in. i've been glad to see a few others suggesting we should draft Carter. make no mistake, he's a developmental guy, but i saw a lot of good things his senior year. he's a solid investment flying waaaay under-the-radar. we're talking sonar. late rd flier.

i'll keep Carter out of the voting since most people probably don't even know who he is -- but of the other guys, and knowing the other needs we have in the draft, who do you want to see move ahead of AJ Jefferson on the depth chart??

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