Interactive Mock: Want/Settle/Nix Edition

as the draft gets closer, my frame of mind is taming quite a bit when it comes to these prospects.

i have my favorites.

i have the guys i'd be alright with.

and i have players i hope we don't touch with a 10-foot pole.

i figured i'd draw up a quick "mock", of sorts, for Day 1 and 2 prospects. one player at the most glaring positions of need at each of those statuses. of course i'd 'settle' for more players than listed, but this is intended to be the 'top' choice at each status. i have a feeling my 'nix' decisions will piss off quite a few people. on that note, let's get to it!!


- Linebacker -

Want -- Arthur Brown ... i really like what this kid brings to the table. hard-nosed leadership, packs a punch despite his size. two years ago i wanted Bruce Carter (went to Dallas in the 2nd before we picked); last year i wanted Bobby Wagner (went to Seattle in the 2nd when we didn't have a pick... although that was b/c we traded up for Smith, who i also wanted, so that's all good). this year, i'll be bummed if we missed out on Brown.

Settle -- Manti Te'o ... it's been covered too many times to count. he's a great football player, no matter how you cut it. for all the reasons that have already been listed here numerous times, i'd be cool with this pick.

Nix -- Alec Ogletree ... i'm in the minority here, i'm sure, but "beast" status doesn't cut it for me when a player allegedly lies to GMs during Combine interviews. sorry guys -- trust goes a long way.


- Defensive Tackle -

Want -- Sylvester Williams ... his stock has been rising steadily since the Combine, now it's entirely possible he might not even be there at #23. recent reports have stated that several teams have Sly and Star Lotulelei graded equally on their draft boards. kind of says a lot, if you ask me.

Settle -- Brandon Williams ... by complete coincidence, one way or another, i'm hoping we re-create the Williams Wall. but that aside, BWilliams is a high-effort, big-bodied guy who could do a lot of good for us. great story, too.

Nix -- Kawann Short ... i know he's another favorite around here, similar to Ogletree. but despite his production, there are questions about his work ethic. something just tells me he's not going to be the prospect many are hoping he can or will be. obviously if we draft him i'll hope i'm wrong, but i'm hoping to avoid that conflict altogether.


- Cornerback -

Want -- Leon McFadden ... been sticking to this for a few months now, this is me being stubborn more than anything. he's a fantastic fit, though i admit it would have been better for him to learn the nickel behind Winfield for a season. still, he can still come in and get up to speed, perhaps battle Jefferson for the job.

Settle -- Robert Alford ... this is actually like, 'settle+'. Alford might be the best all-around prospect for us. capability of filling in on the outside if need be, but slowly bring him along on the depth chart. kick return ability, too -- big advantage.

Nix -- Desmond Trufant ... this might just be a gut feeling, but i'm very 'meh' when it comes to Trufant. i feel a lot of people are drawn to him simply because he's projected to go somewhere in the 20's. i could be completely off-base here, but i'm just not feeling it -- particularly when there's so much value in the 2nd and 3rd rds at CB.


- Wide Receiver -

Want -- Quinton Patton ... like McFadden, i'm sticking to this one from months ago. dependable on every down, does all the small unheralded things well, one of the more polished WRs in the draft. i don't think we need 'game changing' WRs in this offense -- we simply need reliable WRs.

Settle -- ... actually, i'm gonna break my own rules and say i'll settle for just about any other WR in the early rds, except...

Nix -- Justin Hunter ... it's simply the drops. as i referenced above, we need reliable WRs. IMHO, Hunter is vastly overrated. people focus too much on his height and speed, and not the fact that he has trouble, ya know, receiving on a consistent basis.


so my ideal draft, Rds 1 - 3 ... S. Williams / A. Brown / Q. Patton / L. McFadden

though i'd certainly settle in with ... M. Te'o / WR du jour / R. Alford / B. Williams

what say you, DN?? who are your Want/Settle/Nix players, either at these positions or others??

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