Last attempt of 2013 offseason plan

Before I go through my entire offseason plan I would start with a quick apology for mispelling words, as english isn't my first language. - A little warning: This won't be a shor read, but won't be terribly long either.

This won't be your basic mock draft with who the vikings will target in each round. This might not be very realistic either but last version I tried to keep it simple, and now I'll try a little bit creazy offseason plan.

So free agency have come and gone, and it's bacisly just the draft left. However there are a few things I still would like to do prior to draft day.

Trades prior to draft day:

Trade Jared Allen to Jacksonville Jaguars for their 4th round pick, 98th overall + a conditional pick in 2014 (4th/5th round) Since I'm not that fimiliar with how these conditional picks are being dealed I won't go into specifics of which stats he will have to get for optaining, however 8-9 sacks in 2013 could be a valid option (keep in mind Jacksonville only only managed to get 20 sacks last year).Jacksonville Jaguars will sign Jared Allen to a more cap friendly contract and expand his contrat for additional 3 years. The reasoning behind trading Jared Allen, and then only for a 4th round draft pick, is because I believe he is getting up there in age and he has a very high cap number. You might be wondering why I'll need more cap space since we only need to sign our rookies, however there are more intern deals comming later in this piece.

Trade Toby Gerhart to New York Jets for their 4th round pick, 105th overall

Toby Gerhart will also sign a new deal with the jets after the trade. Toby Gerhart rarely contributed due to the fact that he shares backfield Adrian Peterson. Toby Gerhart wouldn't want to sign a contract extension with us next year so we might as well get something in return for him. Another early 4th round pick will give the vikings plenty of picks in the 4th round, but also ammounition should they want to move up in the draft.

Trade Joe Webb to San Francisco 49'ers for their 6th round pick (via miami), 180th overall.

Okay everybody, calm down, I know I just trade spiderman, however don't burn down the Daily Norseman. We still need it. After picking up Matt Cassel and still having McLeod John Baltazar Bethel-Thompson - Awesome name by the way - in the fold vikings won't be having much use of Joe Webb. Meanwhile 49'ers want to experiment with another option quaterback should Colin Kaepernick get hurt.

Contract extension prior to the draft.

These are the following players I would extend prior to the draft.

Everson Griffen, DE. I would extend Everson Griffen a year in advance to make sure vikings get a good deal. This guy will be going into camp competing for the starting spot at RDE and he most likely will end up starting at the right side. I think Vikings will spare them some money if the choose to extend him one year before his contract runs out. Like the did with Brian Robison back before he won/was handed the starting spot at LDE. A 4 year 20 mill deal, with 11 mill guaranteed.

Brian Robison, DE. Speaking of Brian Robison, they should give him a deal similiar to his last deal, with a little raise of course. a 3 year 18 million deal, with 8 mill gauranteed. This way vikings won't be forced to make a difficult decision in 2014 when all their DE will be in their contract year.

The Draft

With my trades of Jared Allen, Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb the Minnesota Vikings have following selections: 14 total

23, 25, 52, 83, 98, 102, 105, 120, 155, 180, 189, 213, 214, 229.

By round: 1st: 23, 25, 2nd: 52, 3rd: 83, 4th 98, 102, 105, 120, 5th 155, 6th 180, 189, 7th 213, 214, 229.

So with all these selection you might think vikings are done dealing right? Well not that fast. Vikings use following selections: 23rd, 102nd, 105th and 180th in the 2013 draft to move up to 17th overall.

With the 17th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri.

Vikings decided that it was time to pull the trigger and move up to get one of the great DT from this years class. For those interested in learning more about Sheldon Richardson can read this piece on him:

Vikings get presented with a trade from Denver Broncos willing to move up to 25th overall for these picks: 28th, 125th and 161st. Vikings accecpt the deal and their next pick will be at 28th just behind Houston Texans. Vikings had hoped Arthur Brown would still have been there after the trade down till 28th, however that wasn't the case, since Texans just snatched him up. (I'm using a random draft pick generator). However another talent had fallen down right into the Vikings laps.

With the 28th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Björn Werner, DE, Florida State.

He might not see the field much as a starter in 2013 however he will be the primary backup as well as a rotational end. He could be in on passing down aswell, inside or ouside and have either Everson Griffen or Brian Robison move inside on rushing downs. (Both have done so earlier in their career and are familiar with it.). Vikings have historically often had a very strong front and with the addition of both Werner and Richardson once again, also with the depature of Jared Allen. For those interested in reading more about Werner click here:

With the 52nd overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State.

Before this selection I figured it properly was about time to select a WR for vikings, but a very good cornerback fell and I picked him up without hesitation. Other prospect I considered at this position: Quinton Patton, Kewann Short (don't care that we already got 1 DT, williams is getting old and neither Fred nor Guion is getting the job done) and Kyle Long. Read more about Taylor here:

With the 83rd overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State.

I actually wanted to select a WR earlier than this, but good talent kept faling and Marcus Wheaton was still good value, while also fitting from a need perspective. I didn't wanted to wait untill the 4th round and perhaps leave this draft without a decent WR. Read more about Wheaton here:

With the 98th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina.

A bit suprising pick, but with Adrian Peterson still the bread and butter of this offense Marcus Lattimore can be brought along slowly. He kept falling and at this point I liked the value a lot. Read more about M. Lattimore here:

With the 120th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon.

A prospect for Minnesota Vikings to plug into the middle of the defense for 2013. He will be in the competetion for sure with preseason favorite Audie Cole. Kiko Alonso isn't the typical choice for Minnesota Vikings as he had some trouble at Oregon. Information: Here

Now we are close to halfway through the draft and these picks are left: 125th (from Denver), 155th, 161st(from denver), 189th, 213rd, 214th, 229th

With the 125th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Hugh Thornton, OG, Illinois.

A gaurd for Minnesota vikings that could add competetion for both B. Fusco and C. Johnson. Also add depth. More about Thorton here.

Minnesota vikings are still very richs in picks and trade 155th and 229th to Tennessee for 2014 4th round pick.

With the 161st overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: William Gholston, DE, Michigan State.

At this point it's truly BPA and William Gholston does have some raw upside however, as his cousin and 1st round bust for New York Jets: Vernon Gholston, there is question with his motor and work ethic. More about him here.

With the 189th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Zeke Motta, S, Notre Dame.

You didn't expect I would go an entire draft without drafting a Fighting Irish did you? Another safety to add into the mix. Competetion for training camp, and perhaps a special team starter. More about Motta here.

With the 213th overall pick the Minnesota Vikings select: Ace Sanders, WR South Carolina.

A quicker than fast WR with great elusivness. Will mostly work in the slot and have to contribute in special teams as a return man to make the team. Also he has the name working in his favor. More about Sanders here.

Vikings got another offer for their last pick 214th and traded it to Cincinnati Bengals for a 2014 6th rounder.

So that was the entire piece.

Here is the vikings standing predicted lineup going into training camp:


Pos. - first - second - third - fourth

QB, C. Ponder - M. Cassel - M.B. Thompson.

RB. A. Peterson - M. Asiata -M. Lattimore.

FB - J. Felton - R. Ellison.

TE - K. Rudolph - J. Carlson.

WR. G. Jennings - J. Wright - C. Summers - L. Brown.

WR. J. Simpson - M. Wheaton - S. Burton - G. Childs .

OT - M. Kalil - D. Love.

OT - P. Loadholt - K. Murphy.

OG. B. Fusco - H. Thornton.

OG C. Johnson - T. Holmes

C - J. Sullivan - J. Berger.


DE. E. Griffen - Björn Werner - G. Johnson.

DE. B. Robison - D. Reed - W. Gholston.

DT. K. Williams - C. ballard. - C. Baker.

DT. Sheldon Richardson - L. Guion - F. Evans.

LB. C. Greenway - T. McKenzie.

LB J. Kiko Alonso - Audie Cole

LB E. Henderson - M. Mitchell - L. Dean

FS. M. Raymond - J. Sanford - A. Sendejo.

SS H. Smith - R. Blanton - Z. Motta.

CB. J. Taylor - G. McCoy

CB. C. Cook - B. Burton - B. Felder.

CB. J. Robinson - A. J. Jefferson - M. Sherels

Special Teams:

K: B. Walsh

P. C. Kluwe

LS. C. Loeffler

That would be what I would have done, obvoiusly there will be some additions with undrafted free agents, let me know what you think

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