Bartzy's One and Only Mock Draft

I'm gunna be short and jump right into it. Based on what I see on the depth chart, and coach Frazier's recent comments, I feel our top 5 needs rank in this order: MLB, CB, DT, WR, OG. I look at our linebackers, and see absolutely no one there for us in the middle. Obviously our #1 need. Next, looking at our corners, now that we know Winfield is not coming back, we have AJ Jefferson in our top 3. Frazier sounds like they want to keep him lower on the DC and give the kid time to develop. From there I'm kind of making assumptions based on what I've read, I feel the team feels pretty good about having Jennings, Simpson and Wright as their top 3 receivers (not saying I agree with that) and he brings up the need to strengthen and add youth to our DL. Finally, he mentions the need to add depth at the guard position, as well the need for a swing tackle. Lets take a look at what I came up with...

1:23:23 - Alec Ogletree, MLB, Georgia

Honestly, I feel the real pick will be Te'o, which in my opinion is unfortunate, especially if Ogletree or Brown are still on the board. But for the sake of this mock, not to mention my sanity, I'm gunna go with the Bulldog right here. Day 1 starter.

1:25:25 - Vikings trade picks 1:25:25 (720) and 4:23:120 (54) to San Francisco for picks 2:2:34 (560) and 3:12:74 (220)

The Niners make the deal to jump ahead of some other teams looking for a safety. Their options could be Vaccaro, Reid, Elam or Cyprien.

2:2:34 - John Jenkins, NT, Georgia

We know Spielman likes to double up on kids from the same school, and that trend continues here with these 2 kids. Jenkins would be the big run-stuffer in the middle that we have been lacking since Pat Williams. Maybe only a 2 down tackle, but that is OK I feel with our current roster. We've got Everson Griffen who often moves inside on passing downs anyways. Also allows us to release one of Guion or Evans to free up a little cap space to add a veteran elsewhere. Day 1 starter.

2:20:52 - David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State

I've seen it debated whether we need an outside corner or more of a nickel guy, but I feel like we would get more use out of a guy on the outside. This pick would give us a top 3 of Cook and Amerson on the outside with Robinson moving to the nickel. Amerson is an absolute ballhawk that would be a welcome addition to our defense, which hasn't been able to create many turnovers the last few years. Day 1 starter.

2:21:53 - Vikings trade picks 3:12:74 (220) and 3:20:83 (175) to Cincinnati for picks 2:21:53 (370) and 6:29:197 (12.6) - Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall

The Vikings move up to get their wide receiver, and the Bengals move down to accumulate more early picks, and can afford to do so considering they have 2 picks in the 2nd round. I am absolutely on the Hopkins bandwagon, and would love for us to get him, I just get the feeling that they are going to look for a value pick after the 1st round. Dobson has great potential, and should be able to contribute right away. Rotational player.

4:5:102 - Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas

I feel Bailey has good upside, and would be brought in, in this scenario as the first guard off the bench, providing competition for both Johnson and Fusco. Backup.

5:12:145 - Vikings trade picks 5:22:155 (29.4) and 7:8:214 (5.8) to San Diego for 5:12:145 (33.5) - Kenjon Barner, HB, Oregon

While making up this mock, I surfed through a couple websites that had prospect rankings, and found the average slot in which they had the player ranked. That is the reasoning behind this trade up. Barner has big play potential, and could be that change of pace back we need. Backup.

6:21:189 - Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin

In a recent interview, Spielman said we needed to add a tackle capable of playing on both sides. Wagner has experience starting at both tackle spots, and Wisconsin has a history of producing quality NFL linemen. Definitely worth a pick this late. Backup

6:29:197 - Vikings trade pick 6:29:197 to Philadelphia for a 2014 conditional draft pick (PHI makes playoffs = 5th round pick; PHI misses playoffs = 6th round pick)

The Eagles don't own a pick in the 6th round, and may want to jump back in. This trade gives the Vikings an extra pick to play with next year, which is guaranteed to be higher that pick 197.

7:7:213 - Jake Knott, OLB, Iowa State

My gut tells me he won't last to this pick, but seems like most sites disagree with me. Great value pick with a ton of potential. Comes in and battles with Larry Dean for the final LB spot, and should win it. I feel we'd be taking him to develop and eventually take over for Henderson in a few years. Backup.

7:23:229 - Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky

Another guy that I'm not so sure will still be around, but sites seem to believe he will. Put up great numbers at a small school, which may be overlooked. But he dominated against Alabama, and that alone makes him worth a pick this late. Will battle with Reed for a roster spot, and should as well take it. Backup.

So there you have it folks. Hope y'all enjoyed, and all feedback is appreciated!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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