Who's Your Favorite Prospect at Each Position

Lots og good players this year and a lot of overrated ones too. Well, if you could have your pick of who you feel is the best at every position; who would they be? Could Minnesota actually end up with the best player at one of the positions this year? Not likely, but there is a chance with in my opinion, so many overrated prospects. So, I'm going to list who I think is the best in this draft among their peers at the positions they play.

QB: Matt Barkley, hands down-his stock is down because of a sub par year and one lucky team is going to get their franchise QB. I don't buy into the Manuals, Smiths, ect. He is the only QB that will be a legitimate starter. There are a very few who have projected hm to the Vikings in spite of picking up Cassle. Many think that would be redundant and well crazy; but is it really? How many good and great QBs has Minnesota passed up before-too many to think about. He is not ranked at the top, but he is the best QB this draft and he can be had by the Vikings. Seems like a bad idea? Maybe not by the end of this season or next. Doubtful, but very intriguing.

RB: Marcus Lattimore, coming back from another knee injury has plummeted his stock, but don't be so quick to overlook him; he is the most talented RB this year and can be had by the Vikings as well, the only difference is they wouldn't have to use a first round pick. Lattimore can be acquired with an early fourth round pick. Ya know, there was another RB years ago teams were steering clear of because of injury; his name was Adrian Peterson. Putting those two together would be the best tandem in football. It is also hard to think of a guy better to pair up w/AP. He also is going to have a great career, and having both of them will lengthen thir careers and give Toby his shot to start somewhere else. IMO Gerhart is worth a solid mid round pick, I'm not going to speculate specifics though.

WR: Justin Hunter, I know wtc this goes against a lot of what I have said in the past. This isn't an easy choice and there isn't a close second; there are a few strong seconds. I like Hopkins, Allen, Rogers and Hunter the most and do believe those four are the best in this class; Hunter is a different type of receiver though. The second tier of wide outs in my opinion are Patterson, Austin, Woods, Williams. My third tier would be Patton, Dobson, Wheaton, Swope and fourth would be Bailey, Hamilton, Mellette. There are some good ones after that, but are bigger risks and of course would be late round picks; there are a few I like however such as Marcus Davis and Ace Sanders.

TE: Tyler Eifert, he is the # 1 guy; I think this one of the more easy assumptions. I do like 2 or 3 more TEs, but not really that many in this draft class.

OG: Chance Warmack, I know a lot of people like Cooper and I think he will be good, just not as good as Warmack though.

OT: It's Joeckel right? Well I'm going to go with Fisher, just who I like more.

C: Barrett Jones, WT? Yea I know it doesn't seem like he is the best center, but he is to me and I think he will play guard better and yea he is not going tobe as good as Warmack or Cooper, but would he really be that much of a drop off? I don't think so and think he could be drafted in the third round and so he will be there if the Vikings want him.

DT: I know there's basically to different types, but who is the best for the Vikings' needs? Well honestly, I would say Floyd, but who is very strong second is not Star; it's Richardson and there is an outside chance he could be on the board when Minnesota picks. I also wouldn't be surprised to see him go on to be considered the best DT out of this draft.

DE: People say Ansah; I don't agree. Werner could be there for the Vikings to select; I don't like him at all and think he is one of the most overrated players this year. For me it's a tie between Datone Jones and Cornellius Carradine, both will have excellent careers in my opinion.

LB: Alec Ogletree; he is # 1 in my book in a very weak LB class. I do think he needs to play on the outside if in a 4-3 system and if I were to look at a LB for the inside, it would be no not Minter; I like him on the outside as well. Though, I would like to try each of them out as the MLB in a 4-3, but think each of them would do better on the outside. The question for teams like Minnesota would either of them play inside better than who they would have in there. That's why I would draft 2 LBs and my choice on the inside is Jon Bostic, yes I do think he will do better on the inside than Minter or Ogletree.

CB: Desmond Trufant, this guy isn't even rated as the top prospect of all of the CBs. He will, no doubt be the best CB in this draft and also is an outside chance the Vikings could get him, but I wouldn't count on it. Rhodes is considered the # 1 corner this; he's not in my opinion-Trufant is this year's best corner hands down and unlike Rhodes will play at a very high level in all systems.

Safety; Every likes Vaccaro and I do too, but not as much as I like Matt Elam. He reminds me in some ways of Harrison Smith. Elam can also be had by the Vikes if they want him, he is the best safety this year.

I now you have free safety and strong and inside and outside line backers in 4-3 and 3-4 systems, slot receivers, split ends, ect., but the best players play very well in all systems. Sure most play better in one or the other, but great players stand out and excel no matter what the system and think the guys I have listed are the best of the best. What do you and who are your best of the best at each position this year?

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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