Want/Settle/Nixxing Vikings Draft Prospects

A recent FanPost by rj-b inspired me to write my version of want/settle/nix. This will include the positions of WR, DT, MLB and CB.


Want: Alec Ogeltree

Alec Ogeltree is in my opinion the top MLB. He has top athleticism, and sideline to sideline speed. The DUI arrest doesn't concern me. That kind of problem is a simple mistake in judgement that a solid locker-room can fix. His floor doesn't seem very low either.

Settle: Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown isn't as good as Ogeltree, and I would probably take T'eo over him, but he still is a good MLB prospect. If Ogeltree is gone, then I would be OK with taking Brown.

Nix: Kevin Minter

In my opinion, Kevin Minter at best is a good 2-down MLB. He lacks the speed of a 3-down linebacker, and has trouble shedding blocks. He is undersized and not a good fit in our defense.


Want: DeAndre Hopkins

I want a few WR's, but DeAndre Hopkins is the most NFL ready, and the one with the lowest bust potential. He catches the ball with his hands, and is a great route-runner.

Settle: Justin Hunter & Robert Woods(tie)

Both these WR's would be very welcome additions in my opinion. DeAndre Hopkins is similar to Greg Jennings, so it can be wondered, whether or not we need someone that plays a similar style. Hunter is a very good deep threat which may be what we need. Robert Woods is another good deep-threat, that also is more consistent than Hunter.

Nix: Cordarelle Patterson

Patterson is probably the biggest boom-bust player in the draft. His ceiling is tremendously huge, but his floor is that one guy we drafted at WR last time we had 2 first rounders. He forgets to catch the ball with his hands leading to unnecessary drops.


Want: Sylvester Williams

Sly Williams is as high as Star Lotulelei on some teams boards according to some reports. I would absolutely take Star over any player in this class, but Sly Williams seems to be the best DT that has a chance to fall to 23. He would maintain the Williams Wall, and fill TD for years to come.

Settle: Jonathan Hankins

Hankins is a fine DT, and seems to have a fairly low bust potential. I would be fine if they drafted him as long as he was the BPA

Nix: Jesse Williams

Williams is a one trick pony, who has bad technique, and is a better fit in the 3-4. He struggles against the pass, and in our division the pass in far more important on defense than the run.


Want: Xavier Rhodes

Rhodes is a big-bodied corner which is becoming the trend in the NFL. He has the instincts you look for in a corner and would be a physical corner the Vikings need.

Settle: Jamar Taylor

Taylor is a reliable tackler, which is something the Vikings place high value on. Like Rhodes, he has very good instincts. He has good ball skills, which is needed in our pass heavy division, but he still does well vs the run.

Nix: NA

There really aren't any overrated CB's in the first few rounds IMO. They get a pass.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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