Live Mock Draft

This is something I have done in the past with various other folks, and I want to get another version of it running this year. Ideally, I want fans from each respective team to run their squads, as those with a vested interest in the team are most likely to not only know their front office the best, but act in what is as close to a real manner as possible.

That said, it's a bit difficult to find GMs for all 32 teams. While I'm hoping SBN can help out and either post on my behalf for all the NFL blogs to seek out GMs for the currently available teams (Or let me post for myself), I understand that I may not fill all the spots in time. In the event I run out of time and have to assign teams, you have a shot to become a GM for this draft! Here's what you need to know:

How is this different from what Arif facilitated this weekend?|
It's real time. Instead of having a thread based draft, it is done in a chat room. All 32 GMs are there at one time, everybody is chatting, trying to trade, and blasting whatever GM took that one player two rounds too early. It makes for a great atmosphere and a wonderful time!

When are you going to do this?
Over the weekend. We are planning to work this behemoth of a draft from 11am to 10pm Central Time. There would be a break between rounds so it is not constant drafting.

That's a long time! What are you hoping to get done?
A complete seven round mock draft. That's right, ALL SEVEN ROUNDS. If time permits and our draftniks are geeky enough I would even be willing to entertain a URFA waiver wire but no promises on that.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do?
Not really. As long as it falls within NFL roster rules and the salary cap, it's all good. For obvious reasons, I won't allow the renegotiation of contracts but the ability to release players and trade players is fair game. There's no kid gloves for this draft!

I know someone who would be great for this, and they could take over the [Insert Team Here]!
Have them get in touch, either on this thread, email, or twitter. My twitter is @blackbelt4d, and my email is

This sounds awesome! How do I get a team if one is left?
That's easy, same as above, get a hold of me and I'll put you down if I need someone to take a team.

I'm one of the powers that be at DN/SBN, and I would love to help you get the word out about this!
You just made my day! If this could get posted on all the NFL blogs without me having to be a spam whore, I'd greatly appreciate it!

What teams are taken?
Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings*

* Since I'll be running the draft, I'll play a consulting role with the Vikings. If Arif would like to run the Vikes I don't mind having him but if not I'll be scouring through the list of interested parties to see who would like the Vikes.

Details about hosting location (Whether it is on another site, a free chat, or if DN/SBN have the ability to host) will be provided, as will the full set of rules so everyone is on the same page. This is more fun than watching Adrian Peterson run over half a dozen players on the way to the end zone, hopefully we can make this happen!

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