How many 1k yard seasons does AP have left?

Not trying to be a downer, but I think asking this question helps us think about the whether we should be in win-now mode, rebuilding mode, or some combination.

With talk about looking ahead to the post Jared Allen era by picking DE's in the first round, the problem is that focusing our efforts that far ahead could very possibly be looking past the AP-era.

Unless your saying that we can be a super bowl team without AP, I think we need to do all we can to draft NFL-ready players that can have an immediate impact on our team and help our man out. DE's could help, but I don't see them truly making us a better team until 3 years down the road.

Looking at all the info below, AP could be like Barry Sanders and have 4-5 more great seasons in him, but its also completely realistic to expect him to start fading 2 years from now (like Eric Dickerson). Look.

Total 1K Rushing Seasons

OJ Simpson: 5

Eric Dickerson: 7

Barry Sanders: 9

Terrell Davis: 4

Jamal Lewis: 8

Chris Johnson: 5 and counting...

AP: 5 and counting...

Lets assume AP fades in 2 years and we need to be super bowl ready for the 2014-2015 season.

This means we need to say FUCK 5 years from now and fill our biggest needs. Right now, that means an NFL ready MLB. Think the bears will take the last one? Trade in front of them. Thats gonna be a huge need for our team in the next two years (Urlacher's not gonna cut it). We also need to get at LEAST two more good not great CB's by 2014-2015. I'm tired of josh robinson not guarding his man and giving up easy touchdowns.

Frankly, if we do this were in a position to win a few games this year. Then I say we go for broke with Justin Hunter's upside. If that doesn't work out, we still probably will have a good season and can either get another FA WR to come over, or trade future draft picks for a guy we know can perform.


Our goals:

Vikings: 2014-2015 Super Bowl Champs.

Adrian Petersen: Super Bowl MVP

EDIT: I actually think Josh Robinson played fine this past year. AJ Jefferson was the guy I was thinking of that seemed incapable of playing defense.

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