Corner Backs

Hey guys.

Unfortunately I have been finding myself more and more incredulous as this off season goes on. That's not to say I'm necessarily criticizing the organization as I don't know what their plan is yet, but lets look at our corner back situation. We have Cook, who is quickly developing a reputation of not being able to stay on the field. Robinson, who is young, with potential, but not nearly NFL starter ready, at least from anything I've seen. And the rest, where there is no one I want to see starting, no disrespect to A.J., hes got potential, but they are all far away from being starters IMO. So why not grab a steady hand in FA? Some one who can step in and be a veteran presence?

Maybe we don't want to commit to a long term deal.... Maybe its because we've only got 5 million left under the cap.... but as far as I can see, neither of those can be the case. Lets look at the FA CBs so far:

Brent Grimes (The guy I've wanted since the beginning of the summer): Dolphins, 1 year, 5.5 million.

So maybe hes a little out of our price range, but if we had given him two years we could have lowered the hit... I would have loved that.

Antoine Cason (Espn considered the best CB on the market this year): Cardinals, 1 year, 2 million.

Looks like that was totally in our range. But alright, there are some question marks there.

Aquib Talib: Patriots, 1 year, 5 million.

Thats also a bit expensive. But IMO behind Grimes, he was the best on the market.

Terrance Newman: Bengals, 2 years, 5 million (Set up 3 million and then 2 million respectively):

Hes probably a lower tier guy from these other ones, and a longer contract, but its TWO years, that's not a bad commitment.

Tracy Porter: Raiders, 1 year, 2.5 million

Not a Porter fan, but he fits the criteria.

And Finally, signed today:

Nnamdi Asomugha: 49ers, 1 year, 3 million.

Now I know there was a lot of hating on Asomugha at the beginning of FA, because hes getting up there in age and people were saying he was going to demand a high price tag. But 3 million is not much, and 1 year is plenty short for me.

So there is no clear cut great CBs in this field but these are pretty much JEROME SIMPSON money. And we've got a hell of a whole there. So tell me, What the HELL are we doing?

I figure there are four options here. 1. We are planning on addressing this in the draft, but anything past the first round is risky to just throw into the starting line up. 2. Speilman has seen something from Robinson or Jefferson that we have not seen, and he is ok with this. 3. He is counting on getting Winfield back. Last 4. He is biding his time and will grab someone on the cheap after the draft.

I personally like 4 least, because I want them to be aggressive and show some commitment, but that's just me. Our CBs have been bad for too many years in my opinion, I want us to do something about it. The only two notable CB free agents left are Quinton Jammer, and Chris Gamble. I would take either one, but we'll see.

What do you guys think we're doing?

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