What if Ponder is not the Starer in 2013?

Okay, with everyone's mock drafts no matter how different people think they are; they are for the most part very similar. That's good though. that means a lot of us recognize the needs for the team and see the talent available very closely. But, as we all know from looking at every single previous draft; we do not know it all-not even close. There are going to be many prospects that become great players that we never saw coming. There are going to be many great collage players that are not going to do so great at the pro level and that will surprise us to say the least, especially if it is players the Vikings indeed draft.

Also throw in that current players on the Vikings roster may not be as good as we hope they will become. There's a phrase for this that escapes me right now, but we as fans of our own team are blind to obvious realities because of hope. We hope our players and think our players are in some cases, better than they really are. Some of us even see this false reality in an opposite perspective looking at rival's players and think the competition may not be as good as their respected fans think they are.

We all hope the Minnesota Vikings are indeed every bit or better than the 10-6 record of 2012 reflects, even though the consensus of others outside the minds of a Vikings' fan think that Minnesota had a better record than the team actually is. I for one actually think this team is every bit as good as their record and in fact were better than the record would reflect in 2010 & 2011.

So, what if someone could logically analyze the personal of this team without getting attached to specific players and eliminated all prejudice in the molding of this team? What if there are things going on behind the scenes that even most of the organization did not know? We all think we need good quality players at the LB,CB,DT, WR,& guard positions and that should be right. It should be that we draft the best possible players to improve those positions in correlation with where we pick and who is there and how much each player will impact not just their respected position to be played, but the entire team as a whole as well. What positions have a huge effect on other positions outside of the ones they play? Well, the defensive line has a big effect on the efficiency of the DBs and of course, vice versa, but how much? The quarter back position has the biggest effect of all other on other positions. A good QB makes their O-line look great and receivers look good. Adrian Peterson makes his blockers look so good that he not just paved the way to over 2,000 yards, but also put Jerome Felton in the pro bowl and pretty much got him and Loadholt very sizable contracts for the going rate of their respected positions. Some, like myself feel Felton will only actually play this year for Minnesota and then will be released as Ellison will do just fine blocking for the best running back of all time. I like Felton, but with the salary cap money problems, as we all have witnessed, I do not think we necessarily needed him back and could have used the some of the money that went to him on Wnfield, but that's all said and done now. So, let's look at a different approach just to mix it up a little since we all are pretty much on the same page as far as the draft and now just have to wait a few more days to actually see what comes to fruition.

Okay, lets say Minnesota plans on using a mid to late round pick on the running game. The Packers are a team that has been in need of a good RB for a long time. Toby Gerhart would be their best option and would do great for them; he would be the best RB hey have had since last century and let's say they forfeit a 4th round pick for him.

Musgrave is a questionable OC and whether you like him or not; let's say they bring in an assistant OC that is very much a part of the game plan. He will also serve as the contingency plan if Musgrave doesn't improve. If he had to step up, even in mid season, this wouldn't set the offense ack as he would be running pretty much the same offense, but hopefully could improve the timing of everything and put players in better position to have better chances to succeed. Let's hope Musgrave improves, but we need a back up plan.

We need help in the LB dept. No matter what we do or who we draft as far as LBs; let's say we sign Brian Urlacher to a one year deal.

It's been sort of interesting, but let's also say that we say good bye and part ways with Mike Singletary.

And even though we just got him, lets say we trade Cassle for a 6th round pick.

Lets also say the draft goes in a completely different direction than everyone including myself think, just for fun.

Round 1 Matt Barkley & Justin Hunter

2 Sly Williams(yes I kind of do think he might be here).

3 Jon Bostic

4 Larry Warford, Leon McFadden, Tharold Simon

5 Marcus Lattimore

6 Everette Dawkins, Mike Catapano

7 Jeff Baca, Robert Lester, Marc Anthony

Of the off season moves lets say of the new starters they are Matt Barkley, Justin Hunter, Larry Warford(Johnson released), Brian Urlacher, Sly Williams, Simon or McFadden, & new players that would see significant playing time; Marcus Lattimore, Jon Bostic, Everette Dawkins & Mike Catapano.

Okay maybe this was a waste of time, but do you think that this approach or maybe one similar could work? Obviously, most of this hinges on moving Ponder to # 2 and Giving Barkley the starting job while also bolstering the offensive line & adding a field stretch in Hunter while also taking advantage of Jennings to make an already dangerous AP more dangerous giving him an easier job by taking defenders out of the box and giving him a better line.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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