Vikings Draft: Final 7 Round Mock

Vikings Draft: Final 7 Round Mock

by VikingNation1


NFL Draft Day 1-

Sheldon Richardson DT, Missouri

Sheldon Richardson has the ability to rush the passer and stop the run. Williams managed 75 tackles, 10.5 for a loss, 4 sacks, 3 passes patted away, and 3 forced fumbles. Those numbers are very impressive. Richardson played great against an NFL caliber offensive line against Alabama with 14 tackles and a sack. Richardson measures 6-3 and 294 pounds with a 5.02 forty time, he proved he has size and speed.

1. Desmond Trufant CB, Washington State

You can never have too many good cornerbacks on your football team. The release of Winfield took a hit on this unit and left us weak at CB. If Desmond Trufant is available, then the Vikings can add a fast and talented corner to the roster and possibly one of the best players available, which happens to fill a need. Trufant had a great showing at the Senior Bowl. Trufant proved to be one of the fastest corners with a forty time of 4.38. Trufant is hard hitting, physical, and has a great mentality. He has the potential to be a shutdown corner and the Vikings, something the Vikings are missing in a division with the Packers violent passing game, Calvin Johnson, and Brandon Marshall. Minnesota could especially use Trufant’s durability as well. Trufant is big, but not huge and has missed only one game during his college career. The Vikings have been hammered with injuries at CB the past couple years. Trufant is great in coverage, but has struggled a little defending the run. Trufant had 36 tackles, 4.5 tackles for a loss, an interception, 5 passees broken up and a sack this year. Trufant has the potential to be a shutdown corner in a division with strong passing games.

Draft Day 2-

2. Manti Te’o MLB, Notre Dame

Te’o is one of the most talked about prospects, but at the same time, I think he’s the most overlooked in terms of how good of a player he proves to be. He has great instincts, skills, and is the most NFL ready of the middle linebackers. Before the bizarre girlfriend thing, Manti Te’o was highly praised and was in the running to be the first defensive Heisman trophy winner. Teo’s draft stock took a slide when he was shut down by Alabama and took another hit after putting up an unimpressive forty time at the combine, but looking at the whole picture is what’s important. He is the best middle linebacker in the draft, regardless. Te’o has won countless awards and totaled 113 tackles, 5.5 for a loss, 1.5 sacks, four passes broken up, and seven beautiful picks. There is no doubt he is a playmaker, disruptive in both the run game and passing game. Te’o is phenomenal in coverage, which only makes me think higher of him and how he’d fit into the Viking’s defensive scheme. From recent reports of Te’o dining with Rick Speilman to visits and private workouts, the Vikings seem very interested in Te’o and they’re not afraid to take Notre Dame players, thats for sure!

3. Terrance Williams WR, Baylor

Terrance Williams is the safest pick here. His play and his numbers were absolutely phenomenal. Williams also proved to be productive without a star quarterback passing to him. Williams also led the all of the receiver prospects in 2012 with 1832 yards, 97 receptions, and 12 touchdowns. Williams is fast and made some outstanding catches this year and has the ability to go deep, something the Vikings receiving corps lacked this past season. Williams also shattered records against West Virginia in a huge game recording 314 yards on 17 receptions.

Draft Day 3-

4. Jordan Hill DT, Penn State

Hill’s stats are great. He has 64 tackles, 8.5 for a loss, 4.5 sacks, a forced fumble and interception. The defensive line talent is deep this year and snatching up another elite defensive lineman to learn from experienced players like Kevin Williams keep the Vikings from spending another pick on a defensive tackle when Williams leaves next year.

4. Aaron Dobson WR, Marshall

Dobson’s stock has been on the rise and there are talks that he is going to be a drafted in day 2. I highly doubt that. He is a very good receiver with great work ethic. He works hard to be the best, from what I’ve heard. Dobson is very talented and has had quite a few great catches. There’s a chance Dobson could compete for a starting role. He was also solid at the senior bowl. Dobson is not a second round pick, but a great fourth round pick.

5. Tharold Simon CB, LSU

Tharold Simon was part of a great group of defensive backs on an elite LSU defense. He’s a taller corner and a pick that adds depth to a unit that must face Cutler, Stafford, and Rodgers a total of six times a year.

6. Alvin Bailey OG, Arkansas

Charlie Johnson can’t be trusted to be a consistent solid starter this season and adding Bailey will add more depth and talent on the Viking’s offensive line.

7. Brad Wing P, LSU

Wing is one of the best punting prospects in the draft. Kluwe, 31, may be on his way out sooner than I thought. The Vikings have worked out Wing, taken a look at other punters, and have signed one in addition. Kluwe is also coming off of a surgery.

7. Jake Knott OLB, Iowa State

The Vikings are looking for an upgrade at middle linebacker, but may also want to take a look at adding an outside linebacker. Knott played well this season and could back up Greenway or Henderson.

7. Sean Renfree QB, Duke

Sean Renfree isn’t a popular pick. There’s a chance no team may draft him. He’s got a great work ethic and mentality for the game. The Viking’s starting quarterback is Christian Ponder, but the depth chart behind him is all free game.

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