TVS: NFL Forgotten Ones, Part 1. Where are they now?

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Have you ever wonder what’s life like for former NFL players, that we once cheered for or rooted against? Well, if so, you’re in luck, because theVikingsScoop is bringing you up to date on some of the former “Good” NFL players.

Being that the Vikings is the greatest team on the face of the earth, lets start with a former Vikings favorite. His Initials are C.F. Do you have an idea of who I’m hinting at now? Yes, we’re talking about no one other than, former Viking great, Chuck “Spin Doctor” Foreman. Obviously, you can assume where his nickname come from. If Not, this video should help you understand.

Chuck Foreman Highlights

Chuck had an awesome career and is still a beloved Viking. But, what is he up to now and days?

We got this quote Via SportingNews.

Now 62, he(Foreman) lives in the Minneapolis area, where he is a substitute high school teacher and hosts a weekly internet sports talk show called “Spin It” on VoiceAmerica radio.

So there you have it Viking Fans. Mr. Foreman may be substituting some of your children. I assume, they wouldn’t immediately know who he is, so sit them down to inform them about this great Running back, and great man. Also, you can check out his talk show here.


With our next forgotten former NFL player, we’ll still be sticking with a running back. This running back has a NFL MVP trophy under his belt, was on a Superbowl contending team, and was one of the few great running backs of the 2000s. This guy is a father of 6. is only a young 35., a former Alabama and Seattle Running back. I introduce to you, a little on the life after football for Mr. Shaun Alexander.

Shaun Alexander

The former great, was last known attempting to become a Hollywood screenwriter, as a recentYahoo! Sports story pointed out.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

The man who was once the league’s best running back wants to work in movies now. He has been thinking this for several months, ever since someone he knows suggested that he write films. The idea seemed a good one. He liked writing, he liked movies, so he signed up for the NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp, a weeklong primer on the film industry.

And on the third day, after helping to produce a short movie called “H2O” about the fight for a bottle of water in a Mad Max-like wasteland, he seemed impressed with what he had done.

“I know I’m going to write two movies in my life, for sure,” he said.

This particular article is a nice read. It points at that 22 current and former NFL players have gathered at Universal Studios for the proper screenwright training. This could be a good thing. We can see the tough, tall, muscular players in a new light in Hollywood . Fans can see things from the players creative minds, through the player’s stories. Mr. Alexander has also be spotted at a few Alabama games over the years. So outside of taking care of his family, Shaun writes, goes to church, and watches sports. Just like us average Americans.

There you have it for Mr. Shaun Alexander. If he is as good writing, as he was on the field, you should be seeing one of Shaun’s movies sometime in the future. Be sure to reserve a ticket for the family!


Lets catch up with a player from another position and conference. This time we’re hoping to the AFC to bring you up to date to the life of a former Patriot.This player attended the University of Michigan, and played 15 seasons in the NFL. This player is a 2 time All Pro, and 5 time Pro Bowler, and he has 3 rings. His 53 career interceptions ranks 22nd all-time, and his most former team as the Denver Broncos. Do you know who I’m talking about now? I introduce you, Mr. Tajuan “Ty” Law folks.

<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=''>Ty Law</a>

First off, Mr. Ty Lawson is awesome folks. After researching a few things, I found out via, that Mr. Lawson thinks about the obesity problem in America folks! Now I’ll quote a summary of what Mr. Lawson is up to now and days.

Former New England Patriot, Ty Law, is building the first indoor trampoline park in Rhode Island, set to open in late Fall 2012.

Launch Trampoline Park will have over 9,000 square feet of trampoline area that will accommodate people of all ages for open jumping, trampoline dodgeball, parties, fitness classes, corporate events and private functions. Up to 149 jumpers can be on the trampolines at one time, with a total building capacity of 390 people.

For those not on the trampolines, Launch will feature a cafe with free wireless internet access, an arcade and 12 large-screen televisions playing popular sports, news and movies..

Holy cow this sounds like a ton of fun. Who wants to treat me with a trip to Rhode Island? More awesomer than the trampoline news is this little tibid from the article.

Ty Law, Robert Arnold and Joey are available for interviews, please call 401-203-JUMP.

Everyone should blow up that number folks! Other than the whole trampoline business, Ty Lawson, oops Ty Law, sometimes goes behind the cameras for Comcast Sportsnet. Would you know that the guy still loves him some Tom Brady? This is Ty’s Quote following the Patriots loss to the Ravens this past playoff.

Tom Brady needs some help,” Law said.”You can’t put everything on Tom Brady all the time. He set the bar so high that we all have expectations out of him, but you have to give him help.

Sounds like Christian Ponder, eh, Viking fans? Well, other than the set the bar High part.

Well there you have it for a little in the life a few former NFL players. This is only Part One folks. What do you think?

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