Not my carefully researched mock, but the next best thing.

I just found out about first and went to go try it out myself. I made two trades, trading down a couple picks for a mid round pick with both the packers, who dont deserve to be capitalized, and Denver. BTW, I only accepted trades, I didnt propose them, even then they are still kinda one sided.

Here are the results:

1st round:

Pick 26- Arthur Brown

Bu now you all know who he is so Ill keep this short. He will help our coverage greatly and will start from day 1. Will be a stud for 10 years.

Pick 31- DeAndre Hopkins

IMO the most NFL ready reciever in the draft, can do it all and will last in the league for a while due to his route running. The more I read about him, the more excited I get.

2nd Round:

Pick 20- B.W. Webb

Here is a pick that hasnt been associated with us much. He is a CB out of William and Mary and to be honest I was kinda stuck with him. Jordan Poyer and Jamar Taylor were both taken within the last 5 picks before this, and I was banking on one of them, but I believe Webb will be a solid pick, despite his size (5'10") I really hesitated here because of his size, but whats a few inches when you have talent? This guy absolutley THRIVES in zone coverage, something that the Vikings rely on heavily. He also had good combine numbers and should be a steal.

Pick 29- Jonathan Hankins

You all know him also so Ill keep it short again. I have no idea how he lasted this far, but Im not going to complain. Sly Williams was also available, but I believe we need a run stuffer first, before a pass rushing DT because at least K-Will is servicable. We can always get one next year.

3rd Round:

Pick 21- Alvin Bailey

Has started at both guard spots at Arkansas and would be an immeadiate upgrade over either of ours. Sounds good to me. Potentially allows us to cut Charlie Johnson and free up some cap space.

Pick 26- Jonathan Cyprien

I wasnt planning on taking a saftey but Cyprien slipped, how, I have no idea, but he is elite talent and could start day 1 at SS or learn for a couple of years.

4th round:

Pick 5- Levar Edwards

LSU has some great pass rushers and this guy pushed them for snaps. Should excel with more minutes and is an extremley hard worker.

*just a random sidenote, sorry for the lack of analysis, I put all my effort into my carefully researched mock fanpost and it didnt turn out for some reason, so Im keeping it short and sweet here.

Pick 23- D.J. Hayden

Todd Mcshay has him in his top 5 CB's and would be rated alot higher if not for injury. Is a bit of a project.

5th Round:

Pick 22- Ace Sanders

Is an explosive athlete who is very shifty in the open field. Has reliable hands and would help soften the blow of losing Percy. Amazing punt returner.

6th Round:

Pick 21- Marquess Wilson

Has top 32 pick talent but quit football and accused his coach of abuse. I am willing to take a flier on him. Tall, Fast, Good Hands, Deep Threat. Yes please.

7th Round:

Pick 7- Onterio McCalebb

One of the fastest players at the combine who will need some coaching, but is a good reciever out of the backfield and will make people miss in the open field. Could due to hit the weight room, but will be a good change of pace back.

Pick 23- Jake Stoneburner

4.5 40 TE thats 6'5" with good hands, if Carlson doesnt work out, this guy will make a really good weapon next to Rudolph.

Pick 25- Abry Jones

DT from Georgia, good pass rusher who can line up at every spot along the D-Line. Not saying he will replace K-Will, but he should be good depth. He's also from the SEC, which I seem to value way more then the average guy for some reason.

So this is roughly our roster ( Ill be missing guys, sorry about the ones I forget.)

QB- Ponder, Cassel, Webb, MBT

RB- That one guy.... Peterson? Was that his name?, Gerhart, McCalebb, Asiata

FB- Felton, Elliason, Asiata

TE- Rudolph, Carlson, Elliason, Stoneburner

WR- Jennings, Hopkins, Wright, Simpson, Sanders, Burton, Wilson, Summers

OT- Kalil, Loadholt, Love, ughh, shit.... This is the part where I forget.

OG- Bailey, Johnson, Fusco, St Thomas guy, IDK

DE- Allen, Robison, Griffen, Edwards, Reed

DT- Williams, Hankins, Ballard, Evans, Guion, Jones

MLB- Brown, Cole, Mitchell

OLB- Greenway, Henderson, Mckenzie, Dean

CB- Cook, Webb, Robinson, Hayden, Jefferson, Burton

FS- Smith, Raymond/Blanton

SS- Sanford/Cyprien, Raymond/Blanton

P- Kluwe

K- Walsh

KR- McCalebb/Sanders

PR- Sanders

LS- Loeffler

thanks, let me know what you think.

( rosters are generally in depth chart order, but there may be some exeptions.

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