cyberuck's first attempt at a mock draft

I've never done one of these before, so bear with me. I'm not entirely sure I understand the rules, and I'm not too familiar with most of the draft prospects, so I'll just go with what I think the Vikings should do come draft time. For all I know, I could be doing this completely wrong. If that's the case, do not judge me. I'll find out where you live.

I'm probably the first to notice, but we have a bunch of holes to fill on both sides of the ball, and we could also use some depth at our other positions.

If any of these picks are out of line with anyone's expectations, I'd like to hear why and who you'd prefer with that pick.


Here we go!

Round 1, pick #23: Adrian Peterson, RB

I think he's a steal at #23. Also, he'd pair up nicely with our current starting RB, whether in relief or in a wishbone formation.

Round 1, pick #25: Peyton Manning, QB

We have a lot invested in Christian Ponder, but I think the competition with this prospect will be a healthy thing. And who knows? Maybe this one can be an honest to goodness QBOTF!

Round 2, pick #52: John Randle, DT

Whoa whoa whoa! John Randle? He's not on anyone's draft boards, yet you want to reach for this one with a Round 2 pick? Trust me on this one, guys. He's a 20 carat diamond in the rough.

Round 3, pick #83: Mike Singletary, ILB

We need a MLB. Singletary is available at #83, so we take him.

Round 4, pick #99: Deion Sanders, CB

With Winfield gone, we need major help at CB. This should help shore up that spot.

Round 4, pick #117: Cris Carter, WR

What? Wait till round 4 to take a WR? This draft is deep at the WR position, and they're all identical talent-wise after the first round anyway. B-B-But red flags!11! We just got rid of "problem child" Percy Harvin. STFU, crybabies. I think Coach Frazier can rein this kid in, and I have a feeling he'll be a decent playmaker.

Round 5, pick #148: Randy Moss, WR

We need another WR, and since they're all the same I pick this one. I think he has a cool name.

Round 6, pick #179: Randall McDaniel, OG

Late round pick is worth a chance. We need depth at the guard spot.

Round 7, pick #213: Ronnie Lott, S

Our safety group is pretty good, but we can use the depth.

Round 7, pick #229: John Elway, QB

WTF? Two QB's? We have Cassel as a short-term rental, and some competition at the clipboard holder spot I think will be healthy. If he busts? We still have Joe Webb!

Round 7, pick #231: Jim Kleinsasser, TE

Another big body TE is just what we need. I understand this kid's blocking skills are fair to decent, so that should help out quite a bit with our RB corps.

Well, that's it. I think with these picks we plug a few of the gaping holes, and add some camp bodies to push the starters. I know I didn't probably address all the positions most of you would like, and had a few seemingly unnecessary picks, but this is my draft. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Opine below. Also, dark purple jerseys!

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