My First-Pick draft

Good morning everyone. Today I decided to give in and create me an account on first pick to see what the hype was about. I actually enjoyed making my own draft w/ trades more than I thought I would. Here are my results

First Round

Pick(1) (23)- Xavier Rhodes, FSU, CB. It gave me a B+ grade

I then decided to accept Tampa Bay's trade offer that landed me there 2nd (11), 3rd (11), 4th (15), 4th(29).

Second Round

  • Pick(2) (11)- Deandre Hopkins, Clemson, WR. B+
  • Pick (3) (20) - Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama. A

Third Round

  • Pick (4) (11) - A.J. Klein, ILB, KSU. B-
  • Pick (5) (21) - Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia, A

Fourth Round

  • Pick (6) (5) - Stedman Bailey, WR, WVU. C
  • Pick (7) (15) - Brandon Jenkins, OLB, Florida. B+
  • PIck (8) (23) - JJ Wilcox, SS, Georgia Southern. C-
  • Pick (9) (29) - EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State. A

5th Round

  • Pick (10) (22) - Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon. B+

6th Round

  • Pick (11) (21) - Brad Wing, P, LSU. A

7th Round

  • Pick (12) (7) - Michael Williams, TE, Alabama. A
  • pick (13) (23) - Damion Square, DE, Alabama. F
  • pick (14) (25) - Travis Bond, OG, UNC. C+

Going into the draft we had questions marks at CB, ILB, WR, OLB, DT and maybe OG(depth). I made sure I filled each of those holes early where there was good value so I could use my later picks as depth picks. What do you guys think?

  • Potential depth chart
  • QB - Ponder, Cassel, Manuel(clipboard for season, 2nd season ability to move up in depth depending on Ponder)
  • RB - Peterson, Gerhart, Barner(change of pace, return man)
  • FB- Felton, Asiata
  • WR - Jennings, Hopkins, Wright, Simpson, Bailey
  • TE - Rudy, Williams, Carlson,Ellison
  • C - Sully, Berger
  • OG - Fusco, Johnson, Bond,
  • OT - Loadholt, Khalil, Love
  • DE - Allen, Griffen, Robison, Reed. (Assuming Square is cut in offseason)
  • DT - K. Williams, J. Williams, Evans, Ballard
  • OLB- Greenway, Jenkins, Henderson, Mckenzie
  • ILB - Klein, Mitchell, Cole
  • CB - Rhodes, Cook, Robinson, Jefferson, Sherels, Felder
  • SS - Smith, Raymond, Wilcox (Special teams)
  • FS - Rambo, Sanford(special teams)
  • K - Walsh
  • P- Wing

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