Three reasons why Cordarelle Patterson will not be a bust

First of all, I want to say hello to everybody here on the Daily Norseman. I am new to this community, have been a Vikings Fan since I started following football and am happy to converse with fellow Vikes fans. I apologize in advance for some phrasings or words that might seem odd to some of you. English is not my mother tongue. However, I am very much looking forward to contributing to this site and reading everybody else´s stuff. But now on to the point I am trying to make on here:

Even before he had run his first route in Rookie-Minicamp this past weekend, Cordarelle Patterson was already under fire from football writers all over the US. Alen Dumonjic of Bleacher Report noted he had “bust” written all over him, quoting his unability to give himself enough room on a singular fade route he ran, in some game this past season. Another writer even summoned five (!) reasons why CP will be a bust. With my first article on here, I will prove to you that these guys are simply mistaken. I present to you three main reasons why CP will not be a bust:

1) Scheme

CP is not a polished route runner yet. This is not breaking news. However, he fits the Vikings scheme because the Vikings-Offense lives mainly off of two types of routes: Firstly, timing patterns which evolved out of its West-Coast-Background and are not very complicated before the catch (slants, quick ins, quick outs); rather they focus on getting YAC (yards after the catch), which coincidentally is something CP has made a living off at Tennessee. The second kind of passes the Vikings run are Deep Bombs (go/fade routes or post routes) off heavy play-action fakes off of the powerful run game surrounding a certain Adrian P. As you can see, in the Vikings offense Cordarelle will not be asked to run Patriot-style option routes that change fundamentally depending on the coverage but rather simple routes that either focus on getting YAC or getting behind the defense, two of Patterson´s exceptional abilities.

2) Cordarelle as the new Percy Harvin

Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave knows how to deal with freakishly gifted SEC-Receivers that are just a nightmare for defenses after they get their hands on the ball. Patterson can fill the void left by Percy Harvin. He can run all the reverses and jet sweeps, can be utilized on screen passes and even carry the ball out of the backfield from time to time. Many of the plays Musgrave called for Percy during the last two seasons he can simply call for Patterson going forward, without any big adjustments.

3) The right surrounding cast

My final argument is the rest of the Vikes´offense. The receiving corps is in pretty good shape with Jennings and Kyle Rudolph as first-class targets and some solid players with upside behind them. Also, in Adrian Peterson, they carry the best Running Back in the NFL on their Roster, which makes things much simpler. What I am trying to say is: Patterson will not be handed the keys to the offense. He isnt´t supposed to carry all the other guys to the super bowl. There is plenty of talent on this offense.

Taking all this into account, I think Vikings fans can look forward to the seeing CP on the field and ignore the naysayers. Welcome to the team, CP! I think you are going to do great things in purple.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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