Preseason Betting Lines

Ok, so I'll admit this might be a bit early, considering we don't even know what roles some of these guys will be in, or how our team will be affected by injuries/surprisingly good teams. however, I find this to be much less premature than betting on who will win the Superbowl, or doing mock drafts for 2014 (I'm looking at you, mark).

Anyways, I''ll be setting some lines for player and team stats so give your opinions (over/under) in the comments below.

Keep in mind, I have to write statistics that are impossible, like registering 13.75 sacks, that way Allen can't have exactly that many, thus rendering the whole "over/under" system fallible.


Sharrif Floyd: 3.25 Sacks

Kevin Williams: 3.25 Sacks

Jared Allen: 13.75 Sacks

Brian Robison: 7.5 Sacks

Everson Griffen: 7.5 Sacks

Chad Greenway: 100.5 Tackles

Erin Henderson: 75.5 Tackles

Chris Cook: 0.5 INTs

Xavier Rhodes: 1.5 INTs

Josh Robinson: 1.5 INTs

Harrison Smith: 3.5 INTs

Jamarca Sanford: 2.5 FF

TEAM: 4.5 Def TDs


Greg Jennings: 1000.5 YDs // 7.5 rec TDs

Jerome Simpson: 500.5 YDs // 2.5 rec TDs

Jarius Wright: 725.5 YDs // 5.5 rec TDs

Cordarrelle Patterson: 550.5 YDs // 3.5 rec TDs

Kyle Rudolph: 500.5 YDs // 8.5 rec TDs

Adrian Peterson: 1950.5 YDs // 13.5 rush TDs

Toby Gerhart: 200.5 YDs // 1.5 rush TDs

Christian Ponder: 3250.5 pass YDS // 21.5 pass TDs // 10.5 INTs (thrown)

TEAM: 37.5 total offensive TDs

Special Teams

Blair Walsh: 32.5 FG made // 55.5 YD long // 7.5 50+ FG made // 87.5% kicking percentage

Jeff Locke: 24.5 Punts Inside 20

Cordarrelle Patterson: 1.5 KR TDs // 1.5 PR TDs



Overall Record: 10.5 Wins

Within Division: 4.5 Wins

Within Conference: 9.5 Wins

At Home: 6.5 Wins

OK, so the point of this is to have fun! maybe, at the end of the season, you can look back at your comment and either laugh a joyous chuckle as you research how we're planning to design our superbowl rings, or you can drown yourself in tears, ice cream and/or beer as you curse rick spielman, leslie frazier, and christian ponder.

hopefully it'll be the former...

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