A few notes, predictions for the season, and a question

I was reading on bleacher report about what the ideal quarterback would be like, and how it would have drew brees' feet, peyton manning's head, aaron rodgers' arm, etc. And so I thought to myself, what would that be like if you did it for running back? And then I realized, wait, it would be all Adrian Peterson. Just wanted to get that out there.

Also, I went way back and dug out my mock draft for the vikings back in march. I saw that I got almost all my picks wrong, and that the guys I had going to the vikings went either way higher or way lower. Just shows how much I know. BUT, I did say almost, because I correctly picked that Everett Dawkins would be drafted by the Vikings, so HA. That correct pick officially makes me more accurate than Todd Mcshay and espn...

The question I wanted to ask was about everybody's predictions for every vikings game this season.

Mine are like this

Vikings @ Lions

Easy win for the Vikings. The Lions still are below average on defense and their offense is one-dimensional.

Vikings @ Bears

Close, but a loss for the Vikings. Both the Bears and the Vikings got better, and while I think the Vikings are the better team, playing outdoors at Soldier field gives the advantage to the home team.

Vikings vs. Browns

The Browns are improving, but the Vikings are an already established team playing with a MASSIVE home field advantage. Big win.

Vikings vs. Steelers in London

Although this is technically a home game, there is no advantage since it is in London. The Steelers have an aging defense which can easily be punished by All Day, play action from Ponder, and more All Day. Their offensive line is inconsistent at best, and Allen, Williams, and co. will be more than happy to provide the weekly pummeling of Ben Roethlisberger. Close call, but an important win goes to the Vikings.

Vikings vs. bye week

blowout win for the bye week. JK

Vikings vs. Panthers

The Panthers offense will probably be able to keep pace with the Vikings, but at the end of the day, the Vikings defense is just so much better than that of the Panthers. Vikings Win.

Vikings @ Giants

I wish I could chalk this one up as a win for the Vikings, but I just can't bring myself to do it. The Giants have a lethal offense and a dangerous defense. After missing the playoffs, they are going to be hungry and the Vikings will have to take a tough loss.

Vikings vs. Packers

They did it last year in week 17, and they will do it again this year at home. A heavy dose af Adrian Peterson combined with play action from Ponder with more weapons will be able to score enough points against the packers d. On defense the additions of Shariff Floyd and Xavier Rhodes will help the Vikings limit the Packers just enough to squeeze out a W in a huge game.

Vikings @ Cowboys

Every year, the experts say that the Cowboys will finally put it all together, win their division, and make a deep playoff run. I didn't buy it 2 years ago, I didn't buy it last year, and a shiny new contract for Tony Romo is not enough to make me believe it this year. Sorry Cowboys, better luck next year. Vikings win.

Vikings vs. Redskins

RG3 is just ridiculous. On defense, the 'Skins have nothing, but I think in the end, Griffin will make enough plays against a Vikings d that won't be able to stop him for the Redskins to win.

Vikings @ Seahawks

This game will have added meaning for the Vikings since it will be against Winfield and Harvin. Russell Wilson is bound for a sophmore slump. The Seahawks defense overachieved last year and will come back to earth. We have Adrian Peterson and they don't. That's what I would say if I actually thought the Vikings had a shot at winning this (I almost convinced myself they would win just writing that). Whew, I almost lost all credibility there. Vikings lose, big time.

Vikings @ Packers

I'm gonna save myself the breath on this one. Sorry. Packers win at home.

Vikings vs. Bears

There are 2 reasons the Vikings will win this game. 1) They are amazing at home 2) The Vikings won this game last year, and the Bears have done nothing to cover the ground between themselves and the Vikings

Vikings @ Ravens

Baltimore is a tough place to play, but the Ravens lost so much talent over the offseason and I don't think the rookies will be able to pick up the slack immediately. Joe Flacco will not play up to his contract and the leadership lost in the form of Ed Reed and Ray Lewis will be big. Vikings win.

Vikings vs. Eagles

The Eagles are a team in transition with a new offense to learn, a new coaching staff, and probably a new quarterback. The Vikings are at home and are coming off 2 straight wins. Make it three straight.

Vikings @ Bengals

This is a matchup of 2 of the better young teams in the NFL. Andy Dalton to AJ Green is a great combo, and the Bengals defense, led by Geno Atkins, is on its way to becoming one of the best in the league. On paper, this game looks pretty even, but I always give the edge to the home team. Win for the Bengals.

Vikings vs. Lions

When Ty Schalter from Bleacher Report wrote that the Lions would win this game, I just started cracking up. Of course, after further investigation, I saw that he was, in fact, a Lions fan. Surprise, surprise. Easy win for the Vikings who finish up the season at 10-6.

What does everybody think

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