Vikings 2013 Season Predictions

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Overall I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season and believe the Vikings have done enough to take the division this year. Below are 5 reasons why the vikings win the division and 5 reasons they fail to make the playoffs

5 Reasons Vikings Win the division.

1. The Packers are slowly regressing with losing talented players to FA because of having to pay big contracts to Rodgers and Mathews leaving little money to go around. Drafting low in the first round is finally catching up to the cheeseheads, not hitting on their first rounders as of late and also neglecting the offensive line and slumping defense.

2. Improved QB play from Ponder. Giving limited coaching (Bill Musgrave is terribly) Ponder has shown signs of being a formidable QB. Given the added weapons of Jennings and Patterson, along with the MVP Adrain Peterson and one of the better lines in the league. Ponder should show great improvement in the 2013 season.

3. Wide Receiver Play. Adding Greg Jennings should give Ponder a reliable target, along with explosiveness of Patterson should open up things for Petterson

4. Defense Improves. The Defense should be much improved with several players playing on contract years, which always brings out their best. Along with added talent from the draft and another year under Alan Williams should help as well. The secondary is young but should be much improved with Xavior Rhodes adding a 1 two punch with Chris Cook.

5. Special Teams. The Vikings should have one of the best special teams in the league. With Blair Walsh, Locke at punter and Patterson returning kicks, should make for best in the league.

5 Reasons the Vikings miss the playoffs.

1. Injuries. though u can't predict this. If Peterson goes down were in for a long year. You could say the same for any elite QB going down for their team.

2. Bill Musgrave. Sorry but I just don't have any confidence in the guy that takes Harvin and Rudolph out when the vikings are in the redzone. What the hell is he thinking. Also the offense is often to predictable not allowing Ponder to open things up early basically handcuffing him the whole game.

3. Ponders Regress. Though Cassel could come in and excel. I doubt that happens and the vikings will sink with Ponder even if he fails to produce, since he's their guy. I don't see this happening but Ponder still has alot to prove in 2013. They were ranked 31st in the league in pass yards after all.

4. Secondary. Though the secondary should be improved, their still young. With this being a passing league if they don't have a quick learning curve, could stand for a long year and relying on Chris Cook to be on the field the whole year may be scary. Considering he hasn't played a full year or had a interception since he's been in the league.

5. Coaching........I picked on Bill douchebag at number 2 so this falls on Frasier. He's still umproven. He gets his players to play but needs good coordinators around him to provide good gameplans. I just don't think he has that on offense. This could be us undoing.

Overall I try to optimistic, and think the Vikings overcome the Injury bug and handicap of Bill Musgrave. They'll win the North at 11-5 and the Packers and Bears following them to the playoffs. Lion again shoot themselves in the foot with their immaturity. Let me know what u thing and please ignore the spelling errors. Pointing them out is annoying to me. Thanks for reading.

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