Will the Vikings Have the Most Pro Bowlers This Year?

When looking at the Vikings' roster w/o being too prejudiced; there are a lot of potential pro bowl caliber players. We all have our favorites and there is many to choose from this year and so many positions. I think that is what makes this team so much more dangerous this year; that there is elite talent at every phase of this team. lets look at the linemen on both sides of the ball.

Matt Kalil(will be even better this year), John Sullivan, Jared Allen(the mullet's back, he's kinda like Samson); they would appear to be the ones to reach the Pro Bowl easiest, but let's look at others who very well could make it as well: Kevin Williams, Shariff Floyd, Phil Loadholt and Everson Griffen. I think Floyd and Williams should help each other and we might see the best year out of Kevin in a few years. Now, a longer shot candidate, but still honorable mention is Brian Robison. In that group, I see at least 3 Pro Bowlers, though that number could easily rise to as high as a half a dozen, and if so; WOW-this is going to be a great year.

Okay, let's now look at the RBs, TEs and LBs. I think Adrian Peterson is of course the top of this list(and really almost every good list), Chad Greenway and he is going to have to step up big this year, as I have no doubt he will, Kyle Rudolph. Again, we have a minimum number of 3. Though, a couple other that could make this list are Rhett Ellison and Jerome Felton. Felton made it last year, so maybe this year, or will his eventual replacement Ellison have his breakout year.

Okay, now lets focus on the DBS and WRs and I think there will be more of these guys go to the Pro Bowl for the Vikings in a long time. It's hard to see who are the most likely of all of the WRS and DBs, but I'm going try to do that imho in order from most likely to least: Cordarrell Patterson(I think he is going to have one of the best rookies years-just my opinion, not much to base it off other than college tape, but I'm sticking with it), Harrison Smith, Gregg Jennings. The next level of guys, as far as potential chances of making the Pro Bowl imho are: Chris Cook(I think we will finally see an entire season from him and with the addition of Rhodes, that will not only push him, but with the absence of Winfield: that will force him into a leadership role, where I think he will finally come into his own and cement his life being on the right track), Xavior Rhodes-think he will do great with the players around him, Jarius Wright(he might be much higher on this list; I anticipate him being a strong part of the passing offense, but is still hard for me to gauge). I think the honorable mentions are Josh Robinson and Jamarca Sanford.

And we can't forget about special teams; Blair Walsh I think will continue to do well and make it again and Patterson, I think if doesn't make it as a WR; will as a return guy. Just don't know enough about Locke to say one way or the other.

So how many minimum Pro Bowlers should we have this year, barring injury, imho:

Adrian Peterson

Matt Kalil

John Sullivan

Jared Allen

Chad Greenway

Kyle Rudolph

Cordarrell Patterson

Harrison Smith

Gregg Jennings

Blair Walsh

So, there at a minimum I see 10 Pro Bowlers this year, but honestly think there will be more. Of those 10, the one I see that has the least chance of making the Pro Bowl and I know a lot of you will disagree is Gregg Jennings. Other guys who could very well have break out years and make the list are: Kevin Williams, Sharriff Foyd, Everson Griffen, Chris Cook, Xavior Rhodes, Phil Loadholt and Jarius Wright. With that many playmakers, there is no way this team shouldn't have double digit Pro Bowlers this year and maybe the most in the entire league.

Okay, now we are to the quarter back position, and unfortunately; I do not see Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel or the Highlander-if he remains the #3, making it to the Pro Bowl. But, that's okay; we don't need Brady or Rodgers or Brees to make it to the the play offs or the ultimate goal of the Super Bowl. All we need is for Ponder to play like he did in half of the games he did last year and he has been slowly progressing and will have more chemistry and weapons around him and this should buy him more time in the pocket as well. I do think the line will do better for him over all as well. As long as he can reduce the turnovers, and when I say reduce; I mean at least eliminate at least 1/3 the number of them from what he had last year and increase the number of TDs from what he had last year by 1/3 and the amount of yardage by 1/3 as well. I know what you're thinking no way. Though, maybe there is a way. If Ponder can put up 3,500+ yards, with around 30 TDs and less than 15 INTs; that is what can turn all of these potential Pro Bowlers into Super Bowl champions.

So who do guys think will play at Pro Bowl levels this year and how many players on our favorite team will actually go to the Pro Bowl?

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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