OTA #8 Recap

This is the final week of OTAs before the mandatory mini-camp next week. This was also the last full-fledged media day for OTAs and there has been a lot of coverage already today. As a result, this will be the last OTA recap I will write this off-season, but thanks for reading and thanks to those of you that made some kind words about the other writeups!

Tom Pelissero has been killing it with up-to-the-minute coverage of OTAs, as usual, and once again if you missed the live tweet coverage, you can check out the recap of it here. Starting with a few non-participants and injuries:

-Michael Mauti: continuing to rehab, check the video here.
-Adrian Peterson: not practicing outside, but did a bunch of workouts inside
-Greg Childs: continues to rehab and did some more route running after practice, check the video here.
-Chad Greenway: having his knee scoped tomorrow and should be fine for training camp
-Greg Jennings: absent, personal reasons
-John Sullivan: Knee (expected back for training camp)
-Jacob Lacey: Thumb (expected back for training camp), had arm in a sling
-Jared Allen: Shoulder/Knee (expected back for training camp)
-Darius Eubanks: hamstring
-Nathan Williams: ankle


Ponder had a rough start to practice with two passes deflected by Chris Cook and a third overthrown and picked off by Harrison Smith. Then he was picked off again by a Collins Uwku deflection later on. On the day he was 6-11 with a lot of underneath stuff. Matt Cassel was 6-9. However, Ponder did have some nice plays too, hitting Simpson on a go-route after he got off Cook's jam, and got past Harrison Smith. Later in practice they did a "one shot to win" play, and Ponder threw a jump ball to Rudolph who fought off the pass interference from Erin Henderson for a 12-yard TD. Video of the play is here. Apparently, Greg Childs is feeling better, because after running his rounds, he leapt up to dunk the ball over the goalposts. If he makes it onto the field this year, it will be incredible. There's another nice write-up about Childs here.


Shariff Floyd was getting some work in on the dummies, check the video here. Here's a compilation video of other lineman doing the same. As mentioned above, Greenway had an MRI on his knee after experiencing some pain, and they found some things to clean up. He's having it scoped tomorrow, and should be fine for training camp. Check out more on the story here. There was a nice article in the Pioneer Press today too about Xavier Rhodes, check it out here.

Miscellaneous had some more coverage today as well, so check out some of their videos:

Brian Robison Interview and Highlights, he says "OTAs are Freaking Awesome!"

Chad Greenway Interview and Highlights, he says, "Hopefully Mauti will be ready for training camp, we're anticipating him being ready."

Here are some interesting quotes from Frazier's Press Conference this afternoon too:

[Greg Jenning's] been doing very well for us providing great leadership in the classroom and his work ethic on the field as well is helping our young receivers. He's good to have around and beyond his talent his leadership really sticks out.

Q: What sort of timeline are you hoping for with Greg Childs?

A: You'd like to get him for training camp. We'll get down to Mankato and I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully it will happen. We're waiting on Eric Sugarman and our medical staff to give us the green light, but that would be my hope. We'll see what happens, I'm not sure what direction it will go.

Q: What impression have you gotten from Christian Ponder throughout the offseason program?

A: I think he's made tremendous strides from a leadership standpoint, just watching around the huddle, the command that he's displaying. I think he has the physical ability. There's no doubt in my mind about that, but being able to do the things from the neck up that a quarterback has to do, I'm seeing a maturation in that area and that's what we need. We need that type of leadership for our football team and he's showing some of that. We just have to keep seeing that over the course of the next few months.

That's all I got. Next week is it for Vikings practices until Training Camp, so enjoy the Vikings news while it's here!

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