Elite Ponder Season vs. Last years season?


Since you guys always bomb me with crap whenever I try to say good stuff about Ponder, I wont this time. :D

OK so lets rewind all the way back to the beginning of this season. Almost everyone expected nothing of the Vikings. People thought AP would never be the elite RB he once was. Our secondary was probably still going to stink. We were dreaming of a 7-9 record at the very best. We now all know how last year ACTUALLY went. But what if Ponder broke out last year... to be one of the NFL's best QB?!?! Lets compare last years season and a scenario season I just made up off the top of my head!


Adrian Peterson runs for 2097 yards...Blah blah blah...Percy Harvin trade...Greg Jennings...Three 1st rounds picks...Blah blah blah. Yea we already know how that went.


Christian Ponder miraculously has his break out season in 2012. He throws for 3900 yards, 31 TD's, only 11 INTs, and is praised by all Vikings fans everywhere by being the G.O.A.T of the Vikings! We keep Percy Harvin and he grabs 120 passes, 17 TD's, and 1500 yards! But it all comes at a cost. The Vikings D becomes WAY too reliant on the offenses success. Our D becomes even worse than the Saints! In fact it allows 11000 yards IN A SINGLE SEASON!!! It becomes obvious to teams that our D stinks. So they can keep pace with our offense and win games 35-31.

All of AP's offseason work goes to waste because we don't need him anymore with the emergence of Christian Ponder. He only gets 450 yards rushing and 4 TD's overall (3 from the passing game)! He becomes disgruntled with the Vikings and demands a trade. And because of his lack of production teams think he can never recover from his blown-out knee. So the Vikings trade him to the Steelers, for a 3rd rounder! So the Vikings are then satisfied with Toby Gerhart as lead HB.

The Vikings only end with a 10-6 record, because the ATROUCIOUS D keeps giving away games. So we then proceed to the wildcard round of the playoffs against the Packers, only to lose 45-35 because of you-know-what.

It is now obvious to the Vikings that the ONLY thing they can do in the offseason is improve the horrible D. They keep Percy Harvin because he likes Christian Ponder as QB. That gets rid of a 1st rounder. And they just can't afford to improve anything on offense because the D is SO BAD. So that means they can't keep Phil Loadholt or Jerome Felton. They also can't afford to get Greg Jennings or Cordarrelle Patterson. So they have to keep the very shaky WR corps for the now good QB Christian Ponder. Almost all the draft picks are used on D. And it is obvious it is going to take years to build a SB contending team. But hey, at least we have a good QB. Right?

SO. Now that I have told you the two VERY realistic scenarios, (one is actually real!) which do you prefer would have happened to the Vikings last season? Please leave your own thoughts in the comments below!

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