Jared Allen Is Always Snubbed

Fans and even experts must be suffering from terrible short-term memory, the most recent example is Gregg Rosenthal's article: "Ranking the top 25 NFL edge rushers".

Here are the first 9 players on the list:

1. Von Miller
2. Clay Matthews
3. Cameron Wake
4. Terrell Suggs
5. DeMarcus Ware
6. Aldon Smith
7. Jason Pierre-Paul
8. Chris Long

9. Jared Allen

I clicked on the headline expecting to see Jared Allen ranked number one or perhaps two, instead there are 8 players ranked higher than Jared Allen. To think that the NFL's active sack leader barely made the top 10 is remarkable. Allen isn't even ranked in the top tier group, but in the "next level".

Why does Jared Allen seems to be so overlooked again and again?

People like to say that Jared Allen had a poor season last year so maybe this list is the type of "what have you done lately". Hmmm... let's see... last year, Demarcus Ware had 11 sacks, Jason Pierre-Paul had 6 sacks, Terrell Suggs had 2 sacks.

Jared Allen had 12 sacks in 2012. All the aforementioned guys are ranked higher than Allen, but had less sacks than him. Every defensive end would be happy with double-digit sacks in a season. Allen has done it 7 times so far in his career so maybe it can be called a statistically "poor" season for Allen's high standards.


Yes, Allen. We can't believe it either.

Perhaps the list take consistency and previous performance more into consideration so let's go back one season and see who was the top sacker in 2011... Ops! That was Jared Allen. Allen practically broke the single season sack record back then. He would have broken it, but was snubbed for an obvious sack against Green Bay in week 10 during that record-breaking season.

Jared Allen was not even voted as the best defensive player in 2011 and as if that wasn't weird enough; Another defensive end got the award, the same guy who had 2 sacks this past season: Terrell Suggs.

Fun Fact: Terrell Suggs had a total of 16 sacks in the past two seasons. Ranking on the list: 4.
Jared Allen had a total of 35 sacks in the past two season. Ranking on the list: 9.

So if the list isn't about last year, or the last couple of years, or even more years (Allen is the NFL's active sacks leader at only 31 years old) ... then why is Jared Allen underrated once again?

Perhaps it's because of his laid back personality, or the fact that he wasn't drafted as high as many of the other defensive ends. Honestly, does anyone understand it?


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